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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 24, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ >> bill: that is this edition of the factor thanks very much for watching us. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here, we are definitely looking out for good morning, everywhere, it's saturday, november 24th. i'm a alisyn camerota. thanks so much for joining us today. protests in egyptian as thousands take to the trip angry over morsey's power grab but morsey says it's god's will. >> brawls and gunfire all in the name of bargain shopping. why do emotions run so high on black friday in why don't we ask dr. keith ablow. we will do that ahead. >> he remembered to take his new tv but not his toddler. he wanted a great deal at this k-mart but i'm going to leave
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my 2-year-old in the car. >> respect children are dime a dozen. >> tv's at k-mart aren't. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ it's small business saturday after black friday. today is the day that we all celebrate and spend a lot of money at small businesses. >> we should. i mean, black friday is all about the big box stores. we had a live shot yesterday from one of the small outdoor malls and there was nobody in sight. no one around, two or three people trickling by. go and help out the local stores in your neighborhood. >> don't bring your gun. that's what happens on black friday. we will get to all the black friday craziness. >> did you shop? >> first of all i avoid black friday like the plague.
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that scares me. i also don't bring my gun to parking lots because anything could happen. >> good move. >> don't leave your toddler in a car. we will get to more of that craziness. >> the new protest out of egypt this morning because what started out as some protests in tahrir square has spilled over to other parts of the country. this all comes after thursday's decrees from egyptian president mohammed morsi basically saying you know that judiciary that we have? you know the judges that we have? if i make a decision, they are not going to be able to review anything that i do anymore. essentially cutting out the judiciary becoming by all accounts a dictator. >> yeah. all the checks on his power were essentially removed. and it did appear that this guy became a dick day or two overnight. what was worrisome about it is how quickly it all happened. and basically a 12 to 24 hour span after the united states congratulated mohammed morsi on doing such a great job helping to broker a peace agreement between hamas and israel which may beer maybe
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not. maybe he did a great job. there are also arms being smuggled through egypt so maybe he got too much credit. >> he seized the day. his name is on top of all newspapers. here i am, i need to consolidate power this morning. >> charles krauthammer believes there is a connection between the praise that came from the united states and what president morsey has done now in egypt. >> i'm not surprised at all that the brotherhood is now essentially engaging in a cudahy that. the shamelessness and speed in which he did this the day after the agreement. i think the administration has to wonder whether the praise it gave which was fusive and excessive didn't give morsey the sense that he can can strike now because he has been elevated to a great world leader. he had to do the cease-fire because he needs the money and he wouldn't have had it otherwise. and also because egypt has never wanted to be dragged back into the palestine wars
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by the palestinians who want everybody to die on their behalf. >> he then went out and spoke to large crowds saying that i am the president of all egyptians. he says though that the reason he did these decrees, what's behind all of this, he says, look, there are members of the mubarak regime, remember that regime you guys through out during the arab spring that i don't want trying to get power in my new government. and they are out there. they are lurking. that's why i put these new decrees in place to protect you from mubarak. >> right. these new decrees by the way. he is saying basically there is nothing the judiciary can do to overturny decisions that he makes. he has given himself unchecked power. the expression that absolute power corrupts absolutely. he now is what the demonstrators that you see there that he has become a totalitarian dictator. that's exactly what they had voted against in the first freely elected president,
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morsey was. and now he, they believe, has become no different than mubarak. >> yesterday, the former assistant secretary of defense spoke out on what's happening there. >> president obama is really stuck now. that is is, he wants to court morsey but now that morsey is acting extra illegally, he he is almost forcing president obama to have to rebuke him publicly. and the question is whether president obama will do. so. >> >> we probably should have been quicker to reserve the praise. susan rice was the first one who spoke out immediately praising mohammed morsey. to charles krauthammer's point, it's the money that we hold power in all of this over a billion dollars a year goes to egypt. maybe that's something that the united states holds on to. s and congressman that want to defund egypt entirely. that money probably ought to be held back. >> they're the people once
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again making their demands. can you see from the videos here. >> looks like the arab spring, right? >> remember what happened in to your knowledge and spilled into egypt. this all started here and people got their wish and mubarak was forced to step down. >> that's the dahlia they know. that's what everybody said. power vacuum and mother brother hood step in. here was his reaction to protesters. he said god's will. protesters have made me the captain of this ship. >> unbelievable. that's the update out of egypt this morning. we have much more on that. including great expert on the middle east this, no. talk about what's going on not only in israel and gaza but also egypt coming up in the show. >> get to your headlines and tell you what else is happening at this hour. a smell of gas downtown springfield, massachusetts. explosion through the area. 18 people were hurt. among them, firefighters, police officers, and gas workers responding to the calls for a gas leak.
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amazingly, no one was killed. it felt like a bomb had gone off. >> and blew me right out of the bed. it blew my back bedroom and my kitchen window were completely blown out and blew me across the room. i got up on the car and we ran out of the house. >> investigators will be back on the scene today to determine if any more buildings need to be torn down. well, despite their best efforts. black friday protesters did not seem to hurt wal-mart sales. [chanting] >> a thousand protests were expected across the country. according to statement released by wal-mart only 26 protests actually took place and most of the participants were not even esm employees they say. they say it was the best black friday ever. sold 1.8 million towels. 1.3 million televisions. 1.3 million dolls.
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and 250,000 bicycles. wow, people are really in the market for towels. >> towels? >> we measure black friday success in towels now. don't put your wallets away just yet. and that's because black friday is behind us. that doesn't mean the holiday shopping weekend so ever, guys. today is small business saturday as we said. a push to help boost the struggling economy by shopping at locally owned stores. the movement is in its third year. and it is growing. according to a new survey 67% of shopper who's know about small business saturday plan to take part in it. that's up 44% from last year. dave, i know this has made you very sad. hollywood is mourning the loss of larry hagman. >> j.r. >> wait a minute. it's your style j.r., my wife and the man who put cliff barnes in office. >> you have got plenty of trouble before y'all got married. i don't understand why you think she has changed.
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>> hey. stop. knock it off. >> classic. >> legend. >> hagman best known for his role of course as the villain j.r. ewing on his star with dallas. lost his battle with cancer dallas hospital. linda gray had this to say on the star's passing. larry hagman was my best friend for 35 years. he brought joy to everyone he knew. i will miss him enor muresly. >> she was at his side. >> he he was apparently surrounded by family and friends. >> hagman was the son of mary martin. he was also known for his role as major tony nelson in i dream of jeanne, of course, he was 81 years old. >> he never became hollywood. larry hagman remained dallas. he was from fort worth and he always will stand for dallas. what a legend. love that guy. >> check in with rick reichmuth and see what our weekend first alert forecast looks like. >> looking good. you worry about thanksgiving weekend for travelers getting home and maybe another storm
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at the end of it we made through the entire thing scot-free. it's cold. 13 degrees in minneapolis. the tenks have dropped off from where you were on wednesday. aside from that, no big storms. cold front eastern seaboard. behind it a ton of sunshine. there will be a little bit of a problem around the great lakes. that cold air will continue to move across the great lakes which have still pretty warm. out across the west, warm moisture continuing to pull. in it's now moving in across interior sections, idaho and iowa seeing some of the snow. snowfall totals we will see from lake-effect snow are not going to be all that high. maybe 4 inches jamestown, new york. in essence maybe 3 to 6 inches. not all that bad. but it could cause a little bit of problems on the road. here are your temps for the day today. you see the cold air around the great lakes and northeast. warming up across parts of the high plains. second batch of cold air begins to move in towards the
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northern plains. foresystem bring another batch of snow across the northern plains. aside from that, looking really good. everybody is going to be able to get home just fine. >> yesterday i tweelted this. i said this guy is the moron of the day. see if you agree with me. he goes in late night and tries to get a black friday deal on a television. 1:30 in the morning in massachusetts. he takes his girlfriend's to the ler with him. 2-year-old. to the store. i'm not sure why and he decides manchts maybe he was baby-sitting. >> this is a great babysitter. he goes into the k-mart to get a deep discount on a 51-inch television and he leaves the kid in the car. >> right. then the police are notified that there is a 2-year-old sleeping in a car, who is unidentified. so they take the 2-year-old that they can't wake up to the hospital. the guy goes home with the 51-inch tv and then i guess realizes at some point either in the store or on his way home that he forgot the child. >> so the child was in the car. >> right.
3:12 am
>> asleep. >> that's right. >> to so people. >> they removed him while he was in the store. >> the babysitter was in the store. >> he didn't realize -- >> he comes out with a tv he is like i have got this tv i'm going home. oh, where is that kid i brought with me. >> he was so high on the fumes of a good deal that he forgot that he was baby-sitting. >> maybe he thought it was a swap. maybe he thought it was like i get the 51-inch tv, i give you the 47-inch child. [ laughter ] it's not funny. it's horrible. >> took him to the hospital because, you know, he was a kid at 1:30 in the morning. what kid is audible, verbal at that hour. >> he we're happy to report the child is fine. but we do need to hear a bit more of an explanation from the. >> he is being charged. >> reckless enendangerment of a child. >> keith ablow will be on.
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tv picture looks fan task. >> mugshot in full hd. >> technique color. >> coming up, the over evolving accounts of what happened in benghazi sound like a game of he said, she said. we are asking a former cia operative who he believes in the coverup straight ahead. then we see it year after year. people making a mad dash, stopping at nothing to get those black friday bargains. why do emotions run so high on black friday? why do we care this much about getting $20 off of -- >> -- cell phone, right? >> towels.
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>> welcome back, the ever
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evolving story from the administration about what happened in benghazi is becoming more confusing by the day especially in ambassador rice speaking out. james clapper saying he is the one who took out al qaeda talking points after originally saying he had no idea who did it. so who should we all believe here? joining us now is former cia covert operations officer mike baker live in boise idaho at 3:15 a.m. good to see you, mike. >> thank you. good to see you and thank you for the opportunity. >> what do we make of all of this after what susan rice has come out and said? she clearly relayed the intel given to her. should we expect a diplomat to do more than that. to go beyond and ask questions before relay ago story to the media. >> well, right. not just a diplomat but the person that president obama claims would be a perfect secretary of state to replace secretary clinton.
3:18 am
ambassador rice is stying five days after the attack. now it's three mons on from the attack and we are still kind of around with the potential investigation. getting people in to testify. but ambassador rice is saying five days after the attack all she did, at the behest of the white house was go on the sunday morning talk show circuit and rely entirely on the intelligence talking points which is, again, it just adds to these continuing layers of a narrative. if we are to expect that the u.n. ambassador, potentially the future secretary of state didn't have access and wasn't involved in discussions five days on from the attacks talking about the scenario of the terrorists the fact that there was no protest she talked about sunday morning show, then we have a serious problem. >> the picture in your head is she is handed a packet of paper. she reads it over, says thank you and goes and delivers it to the media. is that how it works?
3:19 am
there is some sort of briefing, it's more than papers there is a discussion about what happened in which someone that is going to be the secretary of state should ask questions. correct? >> right. absolutely much the idea that somehow, you know, she slipped one page briefing memo with some talking points that by the way have been edited constantly apparently since the cia produced the basic intelligence, the raw intelligence from the field talking about what had been happening, it doesn't add up. and nothing happens in washington, you know, in a bubble. it's not as if now ambassador rice has decided well, you know, i had to come out and defend my comments. this is a planned move by the white house, i believe, because, you know, they want to put her out there as the secretary of state. i think they are feeling fairly emboldened after the election and just intend to jam this joyce through despite the congress and republicans in congress saying now we are going to block. this i think what they are doing is setting the table for ambassador rice's nomination. >> in fact, they may have blown it up.
3:20 am
why didn't they put someone out there, in your opinion, like clapper who actually had all the intel, probably talked with a lot of the intelligence officers in addition to the state department instead of someone like rice that clearly was more relaying information she was told second hand? i think essentially she was willing to get out there for the white house, be the front pointy edge of the spear. be the sewage and now she is being rewarded for carrying their water. it's a good question. obviously clapper has his own issues right now in terms of how were the talking points edited from what general petraeus had testified. it's a big mess isn't it home of the smurf turf in boise idaho. good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> up next they were left in the dark for weeks after super storm sandy hit. why did the long island power authority just bill its customers as if the outages never happened? kids, don't try all of this.
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>> well, the black friday madness was not just inside the stores. there were scenes of violence and chaos all across the country. >> take a look at this amateur video out of a cops arresting a woman at a florida wal-mart. police say the woman tried to bypass long checkout lines. cops say when she was confronted she refused to get back in line and started throwing her merchandise. >> this cell phone video shows the chaos at a wal-mart in georgia. complete bedlam as people shoved and pushed trying to
3:25 am
get some on sale items. listen. oh,. >> imagine going in there and just buying socks? what's going on today. some women. you should have seen them in victoria's secret just going in to buy bras. listen. >> this is tulsa. i used to live in tulsa. >> oh my god. >> there was a human stampede victoria's secret in tulsa. captures hundreds of people rushing in as soon as the gates were open. luckily reports say that no one was injured. hard to believe. >> what was the deal there. >> deep discounts on bras. didn't you know? we did see 50 percent off sign yesterday at the store. >> with all that craziness, venturing to the stores on black friday can be survival of the fittest. the challenge can be especially tough if you are a small business owner watching
3:26 am
box stores with deep discounts. >> those local businesses are fighting back against the powerful retail chains by celebrating the third annual small business saturday. >> joining us now is the ceo of new tech. the small business authority berry sloan. good to see you, berry. >> good to be here. >> talk about small business saturday. it's gone on a couple of years now. how important small businesses are for this economy. >> small businesses are clearly the largest job creator in the united states. particularly given the price of gas. it's very difficult for shoppers to make the long trip and expensive. so they are really relying upon the small businesses in their local community that provide the goods and services. it's very important for the overall g.d.p. which small businesses comprise about auto% of small g.d.p. >> is there anything we can do more broadly for small business saturday. it's great to get out and help that boutique. dress maybe want to get something for someone for the holidays. more broadly throughout the rest of the year. some have said and i read online this is maybe putting a
3:27 am
band-aid on a problem and not really a solution. >> the i think the announcement of small business saturday is important. what we don't want to do is can that can ba bliz sales for the rest of the year. our small business customers we have over 100,000 customers in our book of business need to make sure they have the best state of the art ecommerce solutions. do business and reach and communicate with businesses a little bit outside of their local region. >> that's so important. let's talk about that. >> i knew you had him there. >> really frustrating. >> i talk about this with my wife a lot because we will, if you need a contractor or need somebody to do something on your house and you want to get some work done, whatever it is in a small business, you might not get a phone call back for a few days. >> the folks though that do call you back that have an answering machine that get back to you and receive and return phone calls or maybe have a web site or a store front where you can go on and do a google search. some of these businesses aren't searchable by google. they haven't thought to go to a google site and make
3:28 am
themselves available. >> what is amazing today small businesses that that don't have a simple web site. for as little as $6 a month you can have a web site with a hosting plan and gateway to take payments. small businesses need to take advantage of the internet and tools to communicate both with clients in their local community and in their region to be able to do the business. today they can effectively compete with big box. >> can they? these massive mega stores are small businesses going the way of the doe doe bird? >> the ones that don't advance and position themselves for the way things are today in the market. they are going to get knocked out. but you look at the wal-mart problem. the wal-mart problem you have got all labor unions pushing in and pushing up the costs. small businesses have to take advantage where they have that capability. we service small businesses we help them manage their healthcare costs, their technology costs. they have got to watch the bottom line and where they disadvantage historically the internet has been a great
3:29 am
equalizer. >> where are small businesses add a disadvantage. >> there are advantages the to the entrepreneurs are close tomorrow employees and customers. that level of customer service is a tremendous advantage. that's what they have to take advantage of. the local. >> personalize it? >> personalized service. the fact that you can go into a small business today and really get taken care of. and you can't get that in a big box store. >> harnessing social media in a local communitiening able to go on facebook and say thanks for coming in today. i really appreciate it. having that personal connection. you don't get that from big box stores. >> if you are in a local community and doing a search. local store is going to show up on iphone or tab bleted. that's something that needs to be taken advantage of. don't have to pay a zillion dollars in key words. just the fact that you have a presence is what is most important. >> we're out of time. one more thing. you mentioned $6 a month people at home are saying how do you make a web site for $6 a month.
3:30 am
i give advice all the time. square $6 a month create incredible store front. web site. make you searchable by google. if you are a small business owner go to square >> i'm learning something. >> small business authority. $6 a month. get your own web site. >> alisyn: i will tweet those out. >> berry sloan. >> a lot more to discuss. thanks so much, barry. >> very calming. >> how about small businesses on small business saturday. he has been on the run for three years the fbi just nabbed this most wanted fugitive. we will tell you where he he was. >> and they were left in the dark for weeks after super storm sandy hit. why did the long island power authority just bill its customers as if the outages never even happened?
3:31 am
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♪ hey, sexy lady ♪ >> it's your shot of the morning, holly jolly gang ma'am style christmas. texas man 40,000 hits so far.
3:35 am
song is number one on itunes. >> i'm the grinch every time i see one of these. i love it but i think of the neighbor and how angry you for you live across the street. god, man, i'm trying to sleep. >> there is a house in my parent's neighborhood where they do this thing crazy and you dial up the fm station when you get near the house, it he wills you which local station. >> it's sync. >> cars parked watching this house. >> you must have friendly neighbors because i would be the grumpy neighbor. >> they all moved out. >> nothing says christmas like gangnam style. that's how we feel. >> a new christmas classic. >> let's get to your headlines and tell what you is happening because black friday shopping turned terrifying for customers at a target in aurora, colorado, after a man wearing a ski maverick walked in, pulled out a gun and fired at the ceiling he then ran
3:36 am
from the store. >> i seen like people running, just dashing outside. and somebody came out there and just started shaking me. it's like call 911, there has been a shooting. >> for someone to come in here and do this. it wasn't like they were trying to steal anything. they just caused as much panic as they could. >> terrifying, that's the last thing aurora needs. target was evacuated and shut down for the rest of the night. expected to open again today. fortunately no one was hurt. one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives is no longer a free man. los angeles gang member joe luis sian was caught in mexico thursday and brought back to l.a. last night. wanted for murder and kidnapping charges. believed to have been working as hit man for mexican drug cartels. he has been on the most wanted list for three years. the long island hurricane sandy victims went weeks without power and some of them still in the dark this morning are getting slapped with
3:37 am
electric bills. long island power authority sent out bills charging customers the regular estimated rate with no mention of refunds for storm blackouts. angry residents say they have tied to get ahold at someone at lipa of course no one picks up the phone. kids, don't try this at the mall. he is doing it, oh my god. >> that man decided to jump right off the second story balcony into the swimming pool at a small in canada. his friends standing by to record the whole thing he reported willly got away without being caught. maybe this video will help police. dave, tell us about sports, would you? >> we will try, aly. let's try a little hoops. talk of the nba last year, talking about jeremy lind and lind sanity first time leaving the knicks took on former teen.
3:38 am
linsanity. houston rockets. nice try there. then second on the bringing dishing to chandler parsons big night. two of career high 31. the rockets not done there in the fourth. james hardin drills a three. game high 33 since coming aboard. he has been a big edition addition to the rockets. leaving oklahoma city. 131, 103 the final with 13 points. the knicks oldest team in the nba the rockets, the youngest, go figure. old people can't compete with the young kids. the league has now cancelled all regular season games through december 14 as well as all-star weekend in columbus. boy that hurts their economy. commissioner gary bettman said wednesday the lockout is costing the league between 18 and $20 million per day. the players union and league remain far apart on a potential deal. that is not helping on this small business saturday.
3:39 am
for the fourth straight year, underarmor decking out two college teams in patriotic jerseys all part of their underarmor campaign supporting the wounded warrior project. clayton has a jersey. this is worn by the university of hawaii today. they are taking on unlv. it's been a tough year for hawaii. now they are going to really do something good. helping underarmor. the jerseys will be auctioned off. clayton showed you the jersey says freedom instead of the names of the players. front says hawaii. all proceeds go to the wounded warrior project. we will tweet out a link where you can help out and buy some of these items. here are the shoes. check these babies out. >> wow. >> super hero. >> or professional wrestler. >> professional wrestler, that does look nice. the jerseys have the stars and stripes and tree dom on the back. very cool stuff. nice underarmor always helping
3:40 am
wounded warrior. >> very can. >> yes. let me hide these now. >> okay. do that. >> okay. >> are you looking to ring in the new year and maybe bring in some new money. >> sure. >> maybe it's time to ask for a raise, dave. how do you go about asking your boss for a raise? >> stephan sack, the employer's lawyer shares his ad vice. >> how are you this morning. >> great. nice to see. >> you how do you simply ask for a raise? is there a list of things you need to check off before you go in? >> very much so. you just don't walk in and come up with this idea overnight. you have to plan it out. the first thing you do is is you want to assess the corporate culture, talk to co-workers. find out, you know, the company culture about getting raises in the not too distant past to others. >> you say that you say do your research and find out the company culture. people are very quiet about their paychecks. it's hard to gauge how much your co-workers are making. >> true. sometimes you have some friends. even in high places like hr that could give you a little wink or a tip and help you out.
3:41 am
people have, you know, i think people are kind of friendly about that. and if you need some advice, they will help you. >> you say timing is everything. your second point. so, if you are a wall matter employee and it's black friday, your company's biggest day of the year do you want to put the pressure on. >> no. >> i make light of it, seriously, is it the best time when it's crunch time for your employer. >> no. >> or no? when is the best time. >> you don't want to do it when like you want to speak to your boss is about to leave because his wife is giving birth. you know, is he not really interested in talking. it's got to be in a quiet down period. you know, you have got to figure out and maybe even go in before and say when can we talk? you know, what's convenient for you? i would like to address a couple of issues about my performance and possibly let's talk a little bit about, you know, my next year's plan and a raise possibly. >> not on election day. >> of course not. >> that was a misfire on your part. >> talking points you mentioned your performance. proving your value is something very important. >> your boss will be aware of it. how do you do it in a
3:42 am
unpretentious way or do you want to do in t. in a pretentious way. >> you have to go in there having done your homework. tell the company what you really accomplished in the past year. the money you made them. the customers you brought in. or maybe, you know, how you helped a merger or you worked 800 hours a week formonths to bw deal. that's the kind of stuff that companies are very very graduate find and will probably reward you. >> okay. can we role play for a second? >> absolutely. >> i'm the boss. you are the employee. give me the language. you want a raise. go. >> basically i would say to you i have been working regular hard here during the year as you know. >> yes, you have. >> i would like you to be aware of what i believe i have accomplished for the company in the past year. which i think we can quantify. and then you lay out exactly what you have done for them and how much money you saved the company or how much money you made the company. when you do that and it can't be refuted i think you will go a long way towards -- >> you wait for the boss to
3:43 am
tell you? >> i think it's better not to demand anything, unless and that goes to one of our later points unless you have a new job lined up with another company then you have a lot of leverage. you can make your own demands. >> do you worry about their calling your bluff. >> not necessarily. if you have done a good job, why shouldn't the company reward you especially around christmas time they really should. >> stephan sack. mr. roger ailes look out on monday. you will be getting a phone call. >> i want to see if people want to go to my web site because i have a lot of great information they can go to stephan and really the most important thing is knowing, asserting yourself and same thing with bonuses real quick. a lot of people are going to get fired at the end of the year. they may have expected a bonus and the companies may not pay it don't just allow the companies to do that. >> that's for past work. >> you have already earned it. go back in and ask for it. >> coming up on the show, don't be fooled by this man can spying mannequin at stores
3:44 am
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>> welcome back. hitting the stores today beware somebody may be watching you. new mannequins like this one are springing up at stores across the world. and most striking item, they are wearing? it's a secret camera with facial recognition software that can identify your age, your gender and your race. but is this legal for retailers to use? joining us for fair and balanced debate on this is lis wiehl fox news legal analyst and defense attorney and former prosecutor. great to see you guys. a the love people going out there. you are going to these stores on a regular basis, ls. there is cameras hidden all over the place how is this different. >> it's given.
3:48 am
do you have an expectation of privacy. unless there is a sign out that says we is have cap was. my little station i go on the train every morning there is is a sign that says we have camera we're looking at you. unless they have that kind of notice. they don't have a right to be taping you for profit. >> right i own my own store i want to have loss prevention i don't want you stealing things from me. i want to be able to have security this is is not your home,. >> the key thing is expectation of privacy. i think it's gone. i think we have lost the expectation of privacy unless we are in a bathroom or dressing room because the man can cameras even they are creepy they are not collecting anything the eye in the sky. how long you are staring at the mannequin for. >> let's just. >> really? >> the average american is on camera 70 times a day. in this building in the elevators they are everywhere. so we're not home or doing -- >> -- put a notice out there. say that you have got the
3:49 am
mannequins there. >> people just going in. >> what would that do? >> alert you that's what's going on. >> you and me aren't going to stop shopping even when the mannequins are looking at you. >> let's say something happened here and someone i could picture this happening someone steals something. you find out later there is video surveillance is of them. could they have any sort of legal recourse and get this thing thrown out because the whole case pins. >> search and seizure. you have got to give people notice that you are watching them. if you don't give that notice you are a business owner and you don't give that notice. then i would say there is an argument at least there is expectation of privacy. >> how is this different than a nanny cam in my house, not that i had one. let's say i have a nanny cam set up. away from work. nanny at home or babysitter at home. do they have to let that nanny know they are on camera. >> biggest difference is is that is their house. there are still eavesdropping laws that apply to that when
3:50 am
you are in a public place if you have visible cameras and a sign that says you are on video surveillance you have to say it's in the eye of the mannequin. >> the mannequin is not visible. you think you are just looking at a mannequin not an eye. >> she is looking at me and staring at me. >> stick around much more on legal debate. we will twin other topics this morning. a teen sentenced to church instead of going to jail for accidentally killing someone in his car. the aclu says it's unconstitutional. does the punishment fit the crime? with verizon. hurry in this saturday and sunday for great deals. likehe lucid by lg, free.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
>> welcome back, everyone. listen though this creative sentence, 10 years of mandatory church attendance, that was the sentence handed down this week by an oklahoma judge to a 17-year-old convicted of drunk driving and killing his friend who was sitting in the passenger seat. the church sentence was agreed to by both the victims and the teenager's family. now the aclu is calling this unconstitutional and a violation of the first amendment. we are back with our fox news legal analyst lis wiehl and defense attorney and former prosecutor jona. thanks for speaking around. this judge sentenced this 17-year-old to 10 years mandatory church attendance as opposed to any sort of jail. what did you think of that? >> as a mom. as, you know, i'm very -- i think it's a creative judgment. i like the judgment. it will give the kid 10 years. both sides agree to it. give the kids 10 years church and maybe rehabilitate himself. i like the idea of it but let's talk about the -- >> what did you think at first
3:55 am
blush. >> i like it, too. it's very creative. this kid doesn't deserve to be thrown in prison and throw away the key that's why the judge came to have. this the aclu doesn't like it. it's interesting to remind the viewers that the victim's family thought that this would be okay. it was run by them. they stay violates church and state. >> here is a judge coming in and saying you must go to church why love the idea but that is a violation of the first amendment. >> lis is probably right. the key here is the families all agreed. if the victim and the defendant didn't agree then this wouldn't be happening. >> give them the option to violate the constitution? >> why not? isn't this sentence better than making him wear a sandwich board saying i killed somebody in the difference sort of shameful sentences that we have? those are out of the ordinary, too. the point is just because both sides agree to it doesn't mean that it doesn't violate the constitution. we can't have that kind of precedent. do i like this sentence? yes. is it unconstitutional?
3:56 am
yes. >> and i agree. you are probably right. it probably does violate. when everybody says it's okay and a judge puts his pleasing pleasing -- blessing on it, why not? >> both sides agree we can violate the constitution. >> this was accidental death. right? >> drunk driving. >> accidental death. he didn't mean to kill his friend. >> manslaughter and he was below, by the way the legal limit but because he was 17 years old it was counted -- >> five years from now if this kid says i'm done going to church, what will the judge do then? that's my own concern. >> does he get thrown in jail and throw away the key? it's. >> it's an interesting topic. we would love to hear what you say. >> who coordinated your outfits? >> great minds think alike, dave briggs. >> they all though the out off this of this. great to he sue guys. thanks for coming in and dressing like me. the department of homeland security stepping up communication by spending millions on new radios, there
3:57 am
is one problem. it appears workers don't know how to use them. >> lis read the next part. >> i can't. >> it's about black friday. it was a friday frenzy, shoppers fighting each other not only merchandise but parking spots. we'll tell you all the stories. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. then don't get nickle and dimed by high cost investments and annoying account fees. at e-trade, our free easy-to-use online tools and experienced retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan. and with our no annual fee iras
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4:01 am
right. well, maybe we can play some of that for you. >> right. >> play the flute. >> shop on black friday. did you. >> absolutely not. my family, we had all the relatives over at the house. he they said we want to avoid the mall at all cost. we went to a park where there was not another human. we saw a dog roll by. >> best buy, pleasant experience. >> it was. no. >> no melee. >> no lines. >> i feel like a broken record because every black friday we talk about this. people never learn their lesson that you shouldn't resort to violence in the parking lot. here was one in tallahassee,
4:02 am
two people were shot in a wal-mart parking lot because, of course, a fight broke out over the run remaining space that they were both jockeying for. >> a fight breaking out over phones in georgia. 28-year-old woman refusing to wait in line goes crazy and gets handcuffed in florida. mad rush to get in the victoria secret store in kansas. >> let's show the victoria secret mob. i think that's the cell phone video. >> this is victoria secret? >> yes. >> here is oberland park, kansas. a very nice part of kansas. >> look at that security guard having to fight these people back. >> 50% off bras really had the ladies freaking out on black friday. s. >> what it 50% off the diamond encrusted one because that one is a billion dollars. part of the angel collection? >> the angel collection? >> i think that ended in 2007. >> how many dudes showed up at that sale just because? just to get good spot to meet ladies. >> i saw a woman tweet
4:03 am
yesterday single guys out there if you want to meet ladies, just go to a bed, bath and understand. >> then you realize how nuts they are from the start. sorry. email right now. >> also helpful. >> share your black friday experience with us. tweet us at ff weekend. >> meanwhile, thousands of protesters spilling into the streets of cairo again this morning demanding president mohammed morsi be thrown out of office. they are angry over morsey's decision to give himself sweeping powers. a massive power grab on thursday into friday. peter doocy joins us live from d.c. with the latest. peter, this was frightening at how quick it happened and how it came immediately after susan rice praised what mr. morsey did there. >> right, dave. and mohammed morsi is actually egypt's first democratically elected president. but many of his people are
4:04 am
protesting because he issued this decree that puts all his decisions in the past, present and future above judicial review. he can do whatever he wants and the lower courts can't. ' assembly writing egypt's new constitution can do so without any objections now, the u.s. state department issued a statement making their reservations about president morsey crystal clear and basically stating that the entire idea of the arab spring was the opposite of what's happening in egypt. the state department says, quote: one of the aspirations of the revolution was to ensure that power would not be
4:05 am
overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution. the current constitutional vacuum in egypt only resolved by checks and balances and fundamental freedoms, individual rights and rule of law consistent with egypt's international commitment. u.s. officials have also said president morsey's power grab came as a surprise so close to him helping broker peace in gaza. according to a reuters wire that just crossed, this is a quote. egypt's highest judicial authority says president morsey's decree is unprecedented attack on judicial independence. now we wait and see what happens next. >> who was that statement from. >> that's from egypt's highest judicial authority. >> who is now useless. >> actually, egypt, the supreme basically the equivalent of the supreme court in egypt can challenge his decree but basically the
4:06 am
standard judicial review process right now is moot. they can't do anything to stop him. he has all the power in egypt as it stands right now. >> that's terrible. >> we will keep you posted throughout the show on that turbulent situation with the protesters. get to your head lines because a gas explosion has leveled one business and damaging several others. 18 people were hurt among those firefighters, police officers and gas workers who had been responding to calls reporting a gas leak. apaysingly, no one was killed. witnesses say it felt like a bomb had gone off. >> the boom you got startled for a minute. and then you could just hear screaming and everybody within the buildings are screaming and you are trying to figure out what, you know, what just happened that would make a building shake like that. >> investigators will be back on the scene today to determine the exact cause of the explosion and if any more buildings need to be torn down. despite their best enforce, black friday protesters did not seem to hurt wal-mart's
4:07 am
sales. >> about a thousand protests were expected across the country. according to a statement released by wal-mart only 26 protests actually took place. most of the participants they say were not even employees. wal-mart says this was their best black friday ever. it estimates it sold over 1.8 million towels. people are extremely wet. 1.3 million televisions. 1.3 million dolls and 2 auto thousand bicycles. all right. just moments ago six clergy members became cardinals. pope benedict xvi elevated new princes of the church. the group is not only tasked with advising the pope but electing the person who will succeed him. the diverse group comes from across the globe colombia, india, nigeria, the philippines and of course, the u.s. there is is sadness we have been talking about over the
4:08 am
loss of dallas' star larry hagman. >> j.r. >> wait a minute. >> this is your style j.r. my wife and the man who put cliff barnes in office. >> you have got in plenty of trouble before y'all got married. i don't understand why you think she would change. >> hey, wait a. >> oh, knock it off. >> hagman, of course, best known for his role as the villain j.r. ewing on dallas. he lost his battle with cancer yesterday at a dallas hospital. his co-star on the show linda gray had this to say. larry hagman was my best friend for 35 years. pied piper of life. brought joy to everyone he knew. i will miss him enormously. he was the sob of broadway star mary martin and also known for his role in major tony nelson in "i dream of jean j" he was 81 years old. >> hagman was not just famous here but a legend over in europe when he went to germany he was a rock star, ireland, england, paris. they really loved his
4:09 am
character j.r. from dallas. iconic. >> the cowboy icon. >> yeah. >> it's nice that he was able to die surrounded by friends in dallas. >> that's great. let's get to rick reichmuth. >> he was in the new dallas, too wasn't he? >> yes he was a reboot on tnt. >> he and the other guy that popped up on there? >> yes. played his father. >> two original cast members. >> you have got about a minute and a half to find out. >> i just gave myself a minute and a half for this weather. never happen. minus 2 this morning in international falls. incredibly cold. we are sending alli there after the show she loves it 12 degrees in minneapolis. cold is moving in behind the cold front. we have got temperatures certainly cooled down here. 15, 20 degrees for a lot of people. so, get ready for that. it will warm up a little bit and this isn't certainly the worst of it another batch of cold air will move in. most of it is across the far northern plains. behind this front, clear skies
4:10 am
cooler eastern seaboard. the front moving down through florida. cooler drier conditions continuing there. behind this storm now we have got the cold air moving across the great lakes and brings us lake-effect snow. we will see that maybe 3 to 6 inches for some people down across areas of lake erie. it will taper off across parts of mid michigan. in across the pacific northwest rain and a lot of that energy is moving in the northern rockies. much of the four corners remaining incredibly dry and incredibly comfortable. temperatures shaping up across parts of the high plains. cold air northern plains around the great lakes. much colder across the mid-atlantic states. tomorrow that cold air continues. see only a high of 59 for your sunday. good news is although the temperatures are cold not a lot in the way of any big travel problems. no big storms that didn't cause big airport delays. all right, guys.
4:11 am
what was his name? >> patrick duffy. bobby ewing. >> also in the new one as well. >> ambassador susan rice defending her controversial comments on benghazi. so will intelligence director james clapper end up taking the fall to protect her. catherine herridge has been following from the beginning. >> spending millions on new radios there is one mob. co-workers don't know how to use them. >> like alisyn camerota problem with technology. >> i feel for them. [ timers ringing ]
4:12 am
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>> welcome back. the confusion and controversy surrounding the attack
4:15 am
benghazi continue with ambassador susan rice. speaking out in defense of her initial comments where she blamed the video and protest errors for the attack on our consulate. also director of national intelligence james clapper says he is the one who took out the al qaeda reference in those talking points after originally saying he had no idea who did it. so where does all this confusion leave us regarding the state department? will clapper take the fall to protect susan rice? >> joining us now fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. good morning, catherine. >> good morning. >> so now that james clapper -- i don't know if he he said he did it, but his office took responsibility. >> that's correct. >> for the talking points. is this now case closed? that answers it? >> well, i think it's important to look at the timing of the last 10 days. we had these closed classified hearings on capitol hill where james clapper is the manager who oversees the 16 intelligence agencies told the committees that he had had no idea who made the changes to these talking points he was
4:16 am
quite definite. then four days later his office put out a statement saying we, in fact, were the ones who made these changes that seemed to minimize the role of terrorism. and then almost on cue, ambassador rice comes out to the stakeout at the u.n. and clearly has some prepared remarks about the situation and then all of this ostensibly got are buried on a holiday weekend when most people are not paying attention to the media i don't think that's the end of it because james clapper is going to have to satisfactory the heads of those intelligence committees that what he told them in sworn testimony on the hill was, in fact, what he knew at the time. he have to explain what is ultimately a complete reversal on his position. >> does this further complicate for susan rice that some have leveled the argument, of course, that she is simply a puppet then. been handed talking points and goes out there and makes thee comments. would we want a potential secretary of state to be
4:17 am
thoughtful, interrogative. >> you have hit the nail on the head. what we have heard from lawmakers on capitol hill is that susan rice is someone who had access though this unclassified information so these talking points. but she also had access to classified information. and if she had had the will to dig a little deeper what would have been clear is that there was a good body of raw intelligence that led people in the intelligence community to conclude that it was a terrorist attack within the first 24 hours. for example we know that there were realtime emails saying that this group ansar al sharia had claimed responsibility. that's important because that claim could only have come from someone who was there on the ground. not from a group after the fact. so that's an important data point. she would have had access to that she is going to have to reconcile why she just seemed to go with unclassified talking points when she had so much information that she could actually access. >> it's not clear if she has
4:18 am
the votes in the senate to be confirmed as secretary of state. even with democrats. this statement doesn't help her from the dni themselves. the intelligence community assessed from the very beginning that what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. that is from the dni to cbs news. so, she is going to have a difficult confirmation if, in fact, she is named. but where do the hearings go from here? where when does hillary clinton step up and shed light on what happened? >> that's an excellent question. and when you look ahead to the next two weeks, what we anticipate is that the secretary of state will testify most likely in an open hearing within about the next 10 days this goes to the other issue that's unresolved department and the death of ambassador stevens and those other three americans. fox was first to report on a classified cable that was done in august less than a month before the attack which is really the smoking gun warning there was an emergency meeting
4:19 am
and what they relayed to headquarters and hillary clinton's office in washington is that that consulate could not withstand a coordinated attack and that these islamist groups were everywhere and that they needed more help. this group in effect predicts the very way they are going to die less than a month later there was no additional security that was added. in fact, a special team that was on the ground was withdrawn from benghazi. so the question for secretary of state clinton is going to be weather this was a decision that was driven by a lack of assets or money, whether it was just bureaucratic inertia or whether this decision was politically driven because the administration wanted to have this light footprint on the ground, this reliance on the libyans to show that, in fact, the arab spring had been a success in libya, when, in fact, the intelligence on the ground showed something quite different. >> oh, boy. catherine herridge, you obviously have been in the forefront of all sorts of great reporting on this. thanks so much with joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up on the show. is he getting paid a lot of money to legally change his
4:20 am
last name. how companies are using one man as a living breathing advertisement. >> and if you plan to start your christmas shopping today, you will want to hear our next report first. we're revealing the germiest places at the mall. >> they're not the bathrooms. >> i didn't ick. >> drinking fountain? >> no. >> community ipad? last thanksgiving, abo 2 million people tried to deep-fat-fry their turkey. 15 succeeded in setting their houses on fire. at christmas, the was a lot of driving ovee river and through the woods. and a lite bit of skidding on the ice and taking out grandma's garage door. so while you're celebrating, allstate will be standing by. trouble never takes a holiday. neither should your insurance.
4:21 am
that's allstate's stand. are you in good hands? ♪ hurry in this saturday and sunday for great deals. likehe lucid by lg, free. or the galaxy nexus by samsung, free. this weekend, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon.
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4:23 am
>> welcome back, time for your news by the numbers this morning. first $430 million. that's how much the apartment of homeland security spent on radios. its employees though don't know how to use them.
4:24 am
a report from the government finds that only one in 479 employees know how to operate the radio's secure channel. $80,000. that's how much this self-described apple freak from california spent to auto mate his home. this song writer, have you watched that modern family episode of moderning the home. he uses ipad from blind to lights and pole. he is ahead of me. can i only do my lights so far and tv. last, $325 million. that's how much the power ball jackpot has soared to. next drawing is tonight. alli? >> you won't see me tomorrow. you will know what happens. >> you're auto mating your home i'm going to the power ball. >> if you are planning on doing holiday shopping today. beware. in addition to all those great holiday deals. you may end up getting more than you par beganned for because the mall can be a hot spot for germs.
4:25 am
dr. marc siegel is from our medical a team. is he here to break it all down. hi, doc. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm doing well. >> germiest places in the mall to be on the lookout for. first of all is the air. how can i avoid the air when i got to will will mall. >> you can't avoid it full disclosure i i am not a germ phone. when i start preparing for. this i start thinking about the back tier i can't understand virus. the air this time of year. with winter coming you have low humidity, and the respiratory bugs travel up to 12 feet. i'm all for hand sanitizers and washing your hands. for the air i want you to take your flu shot if you haven't had it yet and i want you to know little kids are factories of viruses and they start coughing and you could get hit with a virus 12 feet away. watch out for who is coughing and sneezing at the mall. stay away. >> alisyn: you say navigate around the coughers. everyone remember to cough into your elbow. >> the dracula cough.
4:26 am
>> alisyn: toy stores are particularly germy. >> mommy is saying johnny put that back in the box. mean while jobbie is licking this toy. next kid comes around oh brand new toy. there is e.coli on that, bacteria. wipe your hands after you touch them. use those hand sanitizers and wash your hands if you can. >> shopping works up an appetite but you say be weary. >> the guys coming around with that rag. that rag has bacteria on it use your own disinfect tants. wipe down the table. wipe down the chairs. >> just a little disposable paper sanitizer and you just wipe it down? >> absolutely. disinfect tant and the hand sanitizers for your hand. i'm all for this. rags are spreading germs and person before you may not have warved his hands. >> one germy place is the cosmetic counter they use all the disposable places people are applying makeup. >> disposable makeup is probably okay.
4:27 am
there is no evidence that you are getting it from the makeup itself but the counters, study shows have 65 to 100% of them have bacteria on. they again, use that disinfect tant, wipe the counter top down. okay to use the disposable makeup. >> the fifth place is you say the bathroom. we're not talking about the grossest parts of the bathroom. it's actually the handle as you are going in and out of bathroom. >> the soap dispenser has a the love bacteria. the towel dispenser not the towels but the towel dispenser here is the part you never think of. you washed your hands and used hand sanitizer you are on your way out and touch the doorknob which someone touched on the way in with grungy hands. use the sanitizer -- use the disinfectant on the doorknob. try to avoid it push the cure open on your way out. >> also take your paper towel that you just used and keep that in your hand to open the door on your way out and then throw it over your shoulder. >> you are a genius alisyn. >> alisyn: i knew about this one. >> that's a good idea.
4:28 am
>> you threw me out. >> get that hand sanitizer and enjoy shopping after this. shop online. >> that's the answer. shop online or use scads of -- >> this is just a precaution. i'm not trying to worry people. the cbc says if you use these hand sanitizers you will cut down on risk of infection by 40 to 60%. >> we do all survive our trip to the mall so we'll be okay. >> good to see. >> you coming up, the unemployment and the number of people on food stamps are up across the country. so are we on track to become the next france or greece? one writer thinks. so plus, all aboard the party train where this party on wheels could soon be making a stop. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
>> dogs your family ask you for money when you go back home? >> yes. >> oh, god did you bring up a sore one. >> >> why don't you make an announcement right now you are headed home and won't be giving money. >> rather them than the government. >> i see. you better give your money
4:33 am
away before it gets taken. >> alisyn: that wasn't a punch line. that was actually a provocative statement the comedian tim al ledge was talking about give your money to charity before the government can take it today there is an op. ed by pete dupont in the "wall street journal" talking about or maybe this week talking about how he fears that america, given the most recent election, is becoming more like europe. he becomes the europeization of america. he has all sorts of examples of why he thinks we are headed in that direction. >> he says those who worry about the europeanization of america and social decline are right to be unsettled. this is not just a writer though, this is a former governor, former u.s. congressman. former presidential candidate. a guy who knows what he is talking about worried about all the money that is being taken away from you and is soon to be much worse in the next four years. >> here is split screen to give you understanding of some of the numbers here. some signs that the u.s. may be coming more like europe. unemployment levels -- employment levels.
4:34 am
>> employment that should say. >> employment levels are still 3% lower than they were before the recession. i'm going to cross that u.n. out there. >> cover that up. hand on your tv screen. smudge marks. number of people on food stamps up 15 million in the last four years. number of taxpayers earning $1 million down from 400,000 in 2007 to about 268,000. >> isn't that incredible that the number of taxpayers earning $1 million, 26 thousand. that's surprising to me. brad pitt, angelina jolie and hollywood crew. you think there are some more millionaires in the world. >> it if can you sit and think about how many millionaires you know in your life it's probably very very small number. if you do know any, it's probably one in your community or depends where you live per cap attachment if you think about there are 300 million americans, right? it's probably 1%. 1% to 2%. >> great way to think about it. 1% of america sounds about.
4:35 am
>> right kardashians with ruining it for everybody. >> declining in that short period of time is frightening. the added element we didn't talk about is the fiscal cliff if that comes that's more than $650 billion in tax increases combined with spending cuts that would send us back into a recession. many fear we would become europe in a matter of speaking. >> here is the interesting part, i think, pete dupont concludes that he says that this recent election proves that the country has become more liberal. that's how he interprets what happened in the most recent election. we would love to hear from you if that's your take away from it. he thinks we are headed in the path of europe and become more liberal. there are many other explanations we have heard since election night. maybe people just the incouple bent always holds an advantage. maybe people don't like change. who knows. but that's his theory is that the country has just become more liberal. >> let us know what you think. email address or find us on twitter
4:36 am
ff weekend. don't forget our great facebook page also. if you are a facebooker go there as well. here. >> here are your headlines. police are searching for a man accused of walking into a target snore aurora, colorado of all places pulling out a gun and firing at the ceiling. they say he was wearing a ski mask at the time and then he ran out of the building. terrified workers and customers were left running for their lives. >> i seen like people run, just dashing outside. somebody came out there and just started shaking me. it was like call 911, there has been a shooting. >> for someone to come in here and do this. wasn't like they were trying to steal anything. they just kazmierczaked as much panic as they could. >> the target store was evacuated and shut down for the rest of the night. it's expected to reopen today. no one was hurt. >> defective body armor putting u.s. troops at risk. the military is recalling more than half of the body armor plates used by special op. forces because they may not protect against direct
4:37 am
equipment underwent months of testing and analysis. defect was found in about 5% of the plates. no troops hurt to date because of the result of the defect. the company who makes them says it has a solution to fix this problem. for two officers in new hampshire this past thanksgiving was anything but ordinary. they responded to a call for a bird in distress and found this guy. a bald eagle. it had been caught in an animal trap. the officers worked for about a half an hour to free the bird who was not hurt except for small cut on his tallan. they say as soon as it was free, it flew off and ended up in a nearby pine tree. that is a good place for it. have you ever wanted to be like james bond? >> yes. >> clayton? ♪ [ laughter ]
4:38 am
>> not flappable. some people might have thought they had a chance to be like 007 after a job posting went up on a british government web site asking for a, quote, targets elimination specialist. candidates had to be willing to exercise a license to kill and for further martini shaken not stirred. no surprise here it was a fake. the ad was taken down and the government is now investigating. clayton stop posting things like that. >> no. i was the one who responded first. [ laughter ] >> you have to be physically fit though. >> nearly drink martini. >> yes. >> two qualifications. rick reichmuth in with a check of the weather. best bond movie ever, clayton. >> i think the best bond movie i have ever seen. people argue that gold finger maybe i think this one is fantastic. >> i loved it. it was incredible. i think i will see that one twice that's how good it is. >> chilly start to the morning. take a look at your temps right now. there you go.
4:39 am
12 degrees in minneapolis. 26 in chicago. certainly colder than we were the last few days. we saw some record-breaking high temperatures earlier this week. now we have got the cold temperatures. no big precipitation to be had. take a look at your first alert forecast for the day. in across the northeast there will be some snow. it's snow flying across the great lakes. but maybe 2 to 3 inches a couple areas more than that will not make its way to the coast. see sunshine along the coast. certainly much cooler than it was yesterday. down to the southeast. also cooler. this front extended all the way down through at least central florida. talking about cool conditions. only 61 in new orleans. 52 in atlanta. into the northern plains also cool. see a little snow across u.p. of michigan. out across the west more rain and snow in the pacific northwest and northern rockies. southern rockies and southern california looking absolutely beautiful. plenty of sunshine. all right, guys back to you inside. >> update gold finger was the
4:40 am
third bond film i'm hearing? third? dr. no was the first one. >> before our time. up next do we have a weed war in the making? colorado and washington state legalizing marijuana for recreational use. some are asking the feds to get involved. should the doj intervene though? we'll debate that coming up. >> he is getting paid a lot of money to legally change his last name. how companies are using one man as a living breathing, walking, advertisement. the man who is auctioning off his last name joins us live next. we may have some suggestions for him. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink.
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4:44 am
time for quick headlines, the man who killed 77 people in norway complaining is he being treatly poorly in prison. andrew brevick won't follow the daily routine complaining the coffee is cold and he isn't getting enough candy. is he serving a 21 year sentence for that mass murder. all aboard the x train. the las vegas railroad is hoping to intriews this party train connecting sin city and many surrounding areas. it's being called party on wheels. train will feature recliners, hi def tv and leo yassenoff foundation. be up and running by new year's eve 2013. clayton. >> all aboard, baby. girlfriend. all right. some call him the human billboard. but, really he is just a guy that decided the shirt off his back could be valuable advertising space next guest is i wear your shirt getting companies to pay him t-shirts with logos on it now coming up with own revenue stream selling his own last name to
4:45 am
to the highest bidder. jason sadler is in to fill us in on new marketing approach. jason, nice to see you this morning. >> you as well. >> t-shirts is one thing, jason, when you decide to actually exak your name legally that's a whole another ball of wax. how did you decide to do that? right now the folks at j lab audio make heads phones and other accessories. the high bidder at $34,500. >> what would your legal name be then how would you pronounce that. >> jason jay lab audio. >> do you find this would be
4:46 am
difficult? think about how many times we sign up for accounts online where they ask for first and last name. every time typing in last you would go to somebody else's web site. >> yeah, it would be interesting. it would be challenging to remember that i had to change my name. so hopefully i wouldn't write it wrong and get in any trouble. learning curve here for the last name change i guess. >> what would this do for the company. if your name is jay lab what would that do for the company? are you out in public people ask for your name free advertising? how do they get a reward out of all of this. >> big thing is i'm pretty well known in social media verified account on twitter. cool. i have a bunch of friends on facebook. my web site i wear your gets a good amount of daily visitors. i do weird marketing stuff. it's really the online exposure. not the inin person stuff i'm not going to reach a lot of people this way. i do some writing for various blogs, "wall street journal," forbes, and my name will be attached to that that will be my by
4:47 am
line it will be pretty much everywhere. >> i threw this out there on twitter speaking of social media agot a lot of the responses this morning got jason on the show the guy going to sell his last name. what questions do you have for him? michael sandusky says why don't you have pride in your last name that you would just sell it? what you're woo your ancestors think about that. >> that's the thing. i have actually had three different last names since i have grown up a lot of people their last name means something to elm this. mine doesn't. >> i have changed mine a couple times. current last name is someone that is not a part of my family anymore. to me, that last name doesn't mean anything. i know it does to other people but i'm looking for the new, you know last name. the next thing that's going to take me forward in my life and we will see what's that's going to be. >> amy wise on twitter she says are you prepared for all the paperwork that accompanies a legal name change? >> yeah. i have heard there is a little bit of paperwork. i have to go down to the courthouse. live in florida. i have to make that journey and fill out some papers. but i'm ready. i think's it's going to be
4:48 am
fun. unique marketing opportunity for businesses to be seen bich a lot of people. i mean, this is just one stop along the way of this last name selling journey. >> is your next stop to do a tattoo like on your face or something? >> no, i won't be one of the tattoo people. i like to do things that are a little bit different. buy my last it's easy. it's reversible so it's good to go. >> we have a company out there watching this morning that wants to buy jason's last name buy my last >> you got it, that's it. >> send your suggestions to me i'm clayton morris on twitter. we will send them over to jason as well. maybe next time we talk to you maybe you will be jason ford. >> i look forward to it. >> thanks, jason. coming up on the show. this teen was convicted of driving drunk and killing his friend but instead of going to jail. a judge sentenced him to church. the aclu says it's unconstitutional. so does the punishment fit the crime? and colorado, washington state legalized marijuana for recreational use. some want the doj to intervene. one man wrote a letter to the
4:49 am
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4:52 am
welcome back, colorado and washington may be some of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana for recreational use. pot is still illegal at the federal level. users can be prosecuted. dozens in the law enforcement community are urging the department of justice not to interfere with the state's rights. joining us now is kneel franklin. he is the director of law enforcement against prohibition. he co-wrote the letter to attorney general eric holder saying the justice department should abide by colorado's new law. also, joining us, is bishop
4:53 am
ron allen head of the international faith based coalition and a former drug addict. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, dave. >> kneel, let me start with you in a letter you wrote to eric holder. you say this is not a challenge. this is invitation. why do you want the doj to stay out of this? i should tell our viewers you are a former narcotics regional commander for the maryland state police so you know of what you speak. why do you want the doj to stay out. >> not just me. 73 other criminal justice professionals from our organization, law enforcement against prohibition. we want eric holder to give it a chance. the voters decided, the voters are educated today and in colorado and washington they decided that they want to give s a g they realize that their communities have become extremely violent from the prohibition of marijuana, nationally across this country we arrest over 830,000 men and women every year. most of those arrestees are black. and we stand a better chance
4:54 am
of keeping marijuana away from our children in a regulated and controlled market. under the policies of prohibition, kids can gain access, dealers do not ask for i.d. they do not ask for proof of your age. all they want to see is the money. and so we'll have a reduced number of access points for our children. >> bishop ron allen what do you think of the notion that this could prevent children from getting their hands on marijuana? >> neil franklin is so misguided and so is lee. he is an unethical contradictive group of drug legalizers who at one time neil franklin took an oath to uphold the laws and enforce the laws of the state of california. now you guys are saying to different states and especially the state of california, it's okay to break federal law.
4:55 am
that's a total contradiction. and you guys are not. >> we're not saying it's okay. >> law enforcement. there is no way possible that you can think that by legalizing marijuana will decrease the use. you know neil franklin if you decrease the harm perception of any drug, it will go up. it will be used more. and if you make it more available, it's going to go up. we see that right now. we have 80% increase among our youth. >> more available under prohibition. i have listened to you. it's already more available under prohibition because we have drug dealers on just about every corner. time to get oit off the corners and regulated stores and markets. our organization does not promote the use of any drug. including those that are legal. >> neil, you are promoting. you are promoting. we already have illegal drugs. we have two drugs that are
4:56 am
legal. tobacco that's legal. we're not doing a good job with that. >> let's talk about tobacco. >> and we have alcohol that's legal. >> let's talk about the tobacco. >> you want to legalize one of the most addictive drug, neil. >> real quickly on tobacco, go ahead. >> let's talk about tobacco over the past couple of decades through education and treatment we have reduced the consumption of tobacco almost in half. don't tell me we can't -- >> -- still have problems with tobacco. >> yeah but it would be worse under the policies of prohibition. >> we expect just like with alcohol prohibition. >> let the bishop continue, neil bishop allen go ahead and have the last word here. >> we expect eric holder to uphold the act, we expect eric holder to uphold federal law. >> okay. >> we expect eric holder to do his job and neil franklin and thinking for one moment that by legalizing marijuana or any
4:57 am
illicit drug will decrease time. >> we have to leave it there. let me know on twitter dave briggs tv what should d.j. do. we'll have "fox & friends" after these break. thank you both. s that's one smart board. what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ whooshing ] tell me about it. why am i not going anywhere? you don't believe hard enough. a smarter way to shop around. now that's progressive. call or click today. [ grunting ]
4:58 am
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5:00 am
call os in cairo a year after the toppled dictator. will the president's power grab start a new wave of violence in the middle east. we have a live report from jerusalem in just moments. >> the president challenged congress to come after him on benghazi. and well, congress may be taking him up on that offer. >> it here is the deal i will make with the president. you come in her place and testify before congress and answer our questions. >> so should the president be the one to testify? governor mike huckabee weighing in on that next. >> and bargains, brawls and
5:01 am
gunfire. americans go berserk on black friday. here is a victoria's secret store. if you look closely you will see alisyn camerota leading the charge. >> 50% off brawls. -- brass. >> i will show what this sale was that drove the ladies nuts coming up. >> dave just added that to his christmas list, too. "fox & friends" hours three starts right now. >> oh, i like that, dave our floor director said the ladies were just looking for a little support. >> alisyn: thank you. >> i like that. >> i have had enough victoria secret jokes in the past week by the way. thanks so much for joining us. we have a lot to tell you about in the middle east as well as back home. so should i start with the headlines? >> yes. >> that's the sense i'm getting from you guys right now. >> that's the evil high for
5:02 am
headlines. >> yeah. >> there it goes. gas leak in massachusetts then explosion. one business completely leveled and others seriously damaged. 18 people injured among them firefighters, police officers and gas company workers. amazingly no one was hurt. witnesses say a bomb blew off. >> my window completely blown out and blew me across the room. i got up on the floor and we ran out of the house. >> well, investors will be back on the scene today to determine the exact cause of the explosion and if any more buildings need to be torn down. six new cardinals appointed by the pope. pope benedict xvi elevated the new princes of the church during a meet at st. peters basilica. tasked with not only advising the pope but electing the those who will succeed him.
5:03 am
all around the globe colombia, india, lebanon, germany, the philippines and of course the united states. this morning, hollywood is mourning the loss of dallas star larry hagman. >> j.r. >> wait a minute. >> this is your style, j.r. my wife and the man who put cliff barnes in office. >> you got in plenty of trouble before y'all were married yond why you would think she would change. >> stop. knock it off. both of you. >> hagman, of course, west known for his role as the villain j.r. ewing on dallas. he lost his battle with cancer yesterday at a dallas hospital. his co-star on the show linda gray had this to say on the star's passing. larry hagman was my best friend for 35 years. he was the pied piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew. i will miss him enormously. he was the son of broadway star mary martin.
5:04 am
he was also a star on i dream of genie. >> in came one of our makeup artist and there is the iconic dallas music that reminds me of my childhood. they said they had watch parties, everyone came. everyone worshipped in her words j.r. >> that western icon. you know, that's why people from japan come over and they want to go see the grand canyon and see the western cowboy. >> consulate american villain image. great. meanwhile violent protests erupting across he egypt after president mohammed morsi gives himself new sweeping powers. angry rioters storm the offices of government muslim brotherhood and are demanding morsey be thrown out of office o. >> meanwhile temperatures cooling down between israel and gaza after a deadly clash yesterday. israeli soldiers shot and killed a gaza resident who was
5:05 am
attempting to breach the border there. conor powell with the latest on the cease-fire still holding strong, connor? >> three days into this cease-fire agreement and it is still holding. it appears we are moving further and awrtd away from the brink of war. life is beginning to return to normal in gaza and in israel. perhaps the most encouraging sign right now is that the heavy equipment in the troops that were massing on the border were move into gaza. there was a ground have been. those heavy equipment and troops are being pulled back from the border. things like bulldozers and armored personnel carriers and tanks they have begun to be pulled back. some of the 40,000 or so israeli tourists called up are being released and sent back to their normal civilian lives. this is a part of moving away from the brink of war. another encouraging sign schools are we opening in both israel and in gaza. yesterday israeli children in southern israel they went back
5:06 am
to school with the removal of the threat of bombs and rockets, life is getting back to normal in southern israel. today gaza. palestinian children there they return to school as well. markets are beginning to reopen. now over the next coming days and weeks, there are still big chalsz for this cease-fire agreement. obviously yesterday one of the big challenges was the fact that there was a violation, according to both israeli and hamas leaders of the cease-fire agreement. but with the shooting of one palestinian and 19 others injured. neither side really took any steps to ramp up the inflammatory comment that we normally see here with this type of incident. both sides are trying to keep cooler heads to prevail right now, guys. >> conor powell three days in saying the peace treaty holding strong. >> someone who knows all about the middle east and israel he has visited many times governor mike huckabee he joins us from florida.
5:07 am
hope you are having a great thanksgiving down there. >> you know, alisyn, i had a great thanksgiving and i hope you guys did, too. >> we did. thank you so much, governor. the author of the brand new book dear chandler, dear scarlet. there it is. how would you strike this book, governor before we dive in some of our discussion on israel family book? >> yeah, the best way to say it it's a book for any parent or i can't grandparent who wanto understand how to talk to your kids or grand kids about the big things in their life and connect them to the past in an says tore. the fact is it's an entertaining book. by the time that your kids or grand kids are old enough to hear your stories, you are too old to tell them. the point is write it down now while they are still young enough that they're not going to listen but one day they will want to and you will be able to tell them about it by putting it in writing. >> let's get back to the situation about israel and hamas. and what happened over the last couple of days. the cease firewall appears to
5:08 am
be holding. here is what liz cheney has to say about the situation. we will have you react to that. here is this. >> it's important to remind people that the israelis withdrew from gaza unilaterally, handed that territory over to the palestinians, so, you know, when you hear people saying well the problem here is the israelis aren't willing to give up land for peace. what we're skiing on the screen unfolds tells you the palestinian does not want. hamas does not want to live in peace. they have no concerns at all about killing israeli civilians or putting their own missile launchers in places where their own civilians will be killed. and this president and this administration's policy of really withdrawing from the world. retreating from the region. have put iran in a position where they, tskt, feel emboldened. >> has the president's policies anything to do with the situation in the middle east? >> i don't think you can blame this one on the president so much as you just blame it on the fact that there is ongoing
5:09 am
hostility and there always is going to be between the arab nations and in this case the palestinians and the israelis. you have got to understand there are people who don't think israel should exist. palestinians don't acknowledge the existence of israel. you can't make peace with people who don't think you audited to be alive. the naivete. remind ourselves hamas is a terrorist organization. that's not my definition but that's the definition of even our own government. that means they are criminals. hamas is criminal enterprise. you don't see the police going out into the streets trying to say let's negotiate with the criminals and just be all august happen and nice to each other. you deal with criminals by thught people away. you have deal with hamas and try to put them away. it's knive to think they will change their ways. >> let's talk about the turbulence at home involving the situation in benghazi.
5:10 am
congressman had a suggestion we would like to know if you think that this is possible saying, basically, that the president has said the buck stops with him so maybe he should be the one testifying. let's listen to what he says. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> instead of taking up for susan rice, here is a deal i will make with the president. you come in her place and testify before congress and answer our questions. >> governor, never going to happen. >> no. it's not going to happen. but i think congressman gowdy who is one of my favorites because he is so plain spokane spoken and clear. the president tried defend susan rice. if he doesn't want to own up about benghazi then come himself. if he says the buck stops with him they can come after me. okay then go to congress and tell us what happened. somebody is not telling us the truth from this administration and it's high time we found
5:11 am
out what really did happen and why it happened and who covered it up. >> is susan rice now scot-free? we heard from james clapper's office basically looked at the revised it. they took out the words al qaeda in its place and put islamic extremist. is susan rice now free and clear here and does james clapper and his office need to be held accountable. >>? >> i don't think anybody is free and clear because the story keeps changing. this is the most evolving story. i think, you know, since the episodes of dallas and who shot j.r. we don't know. the reason we don't know is because they tell us a different story every week. i think it's like throwing spatting strands against the wall hoping something sticks. at the keep throwing a story out there hoping we believe one of them the more stories you we've weave the less believable they become. my father always said if you tell the truth you don't have to remember what you said
5:12 am
yesterday. that simple common sense answer somebody maybe ought to share that with the white house and the people in the state department and the director of national intelligence. >> governor, stick around. up next he was convicted of driving drunk and killing his friend instead of going to jail, a judge sentenced this young man to church for 10 years. does the punishment fit the crime? we'll ask the governor next. >> then kids, please don't try this at the mall. wisconsin teenager making a giant splash from the second floor of a shopping center. this is not a good idea. >> not bad form though, really. [ timers ringing ]
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
[ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
5:16 am
>> so years of mandatory church attendances that was the sentence handed down by oklahoma judge. the church attendance was agreed to by the victim's family. the aclu is now calling it unconstitutional and a violation of the first amendment. continue now with governor mike huckabee. what do you think of this sentence 10 years of going strog go to church instead of prison? >> the church boy side of me likes this. this is a good thick for a kid to go to church. the fact the victim's family agreed to it is all good. this may surprise you. the constitutional side of me says the aclu is right on this one. here is the thing. if you sentenced someone to go to a mosque for 10 years, question is how would christians feel about that? probably wouldn't be all that happy. and they would scream first amendment or if someone was
5:17 am
sentenced to go to atheist meeting for the next 10 years or to sun worship society. the point is that's really not the domain of the criminal justice system. again, i don't think there is anything wrong with the boy going to church. the judge can recommend it. to order it as a part of the sentence that may cross the line. i hate to admit it and i may get nasty letters. >> i agree. >> at some point you can't have the government dick take the what people believe and how they worship? >> you have the families who agree with the aclu says no what sort of a precedent does it if someone thinks they can drive drunk the only punishment the slap on the wrist i'm going to get is having to go to church every sunday? >> i mean if the judge can sentence to you go to church, can he sentence to you tithe, he can sentence to you memorize a certain number of bible verses a week. and you know ultimately i come to from the christian perspective that says going to church tithing, reading the
5:18 am
bible, ought to be something that we do out of our conscience, not because it's a criminal conviction and an order by the judge. >> also not clear how in the world that would be enforced but that's another segment. what's coming up on the show tonight, governor. >> we got a great show. johnny eric. quad plea jik since 17. her remarkable story is stunning. scott mcintyre here the finalist on "american idol" who is just amazing. a powerful story of how he and his father after years of alienation came back together and restored their relationship it is a very powerful thanksgiving weekend show and folks will enjoy and i think be inspired by it. >> governor i have got to ask you where you go. do you always travel with a stack of books behind you or are you at a book signing. >> if no one buys them i have them behind me that and a it's shameless promotion. of course it is. >> great thanksgiving book.
5:19 am
check out governor huckabee's brand new book "dear chandler, dear scarlt out on book shelves now. >> there you go. >> left in the dark for weeks after super storm sandy hit. why did the long island power authority just bill its customers as if the outages never happened. >> college says it's forced to gut back faculty as a result of obama care. the law's latest casualty. will more jobs be at risk as a result of the president's signature achievement? come on in, stu. with verizon. hurry in this saturday and sunday
5:20 am
for great deals. likehe lucid by lg, free. or the galaxy nexus by samsung, free. this weekend, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon.
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5:23 am
>> welcome back, everybody. some quick headlines now, former boxing champ hector macho camacho will be taken off life support today at the request of his mother. doctors are waiting until his three sons arrive in puerto rico this morning. camacho was declared brain dead after being shot in the face on tuesday. and this los angeles gang member no longer on the fbi's most wanted list after being caught in mexico. joe luis science was extradited back to l.a. where he now faces kidnapping and multiple murder charges. clayton. >> dave, more american workers are feeling the fall out from obama care. community college in pennsylvania slashing the hours of part time staffers to avoid the costs tied to the healthcare law. could a move like this have a domino effect on other workers. >> stu varney is the host of varney and company on fox
5:24 am
business network. is he making a special appearance on fox news saturday. >> good to be here. >> defines as 40 hours a week or more. what's happening at the community college how are they skirting this. >> this particular college are moving 200 adjunct faculty members and 200. >> part time you mean. >> moving them down to 25 hours a week, that's it. if you work more than 30 hours you are a full-time employee and therefore you have to -- your employer must provide healthcare to you under obama care. so there is a shift to part time work. and the restaurant industry, now in college and other industries across the country? is that because the workweek was redefined. we always knew a workweek as 40 hours. >> yes, in many respects that is true. under obama care, you work more than third hours in a week, you are full-time. and if a company has 50 or more full-time employees, they must provide what the law
5:25 am
defines as adequate coverage. but nobody knows what is adequate coverage. therefore, you have got to take precautions because what is adequate coverage? how expensive is it going to be? you simply don't know. so you avoid the problem by shifting people to fewer hours. which is is a real problem for those people who won't get more hours. >> with this shaky economy, stewart, something you follow very closely in the stock market and other sectors of business, can we afford this right now? when you look at small businesses having to dial back to avoid more costs the overall economy handle this right now. >> you put your finger on the precise problem. we went into this healthcare reform, the objective was surely to lower the cost of healthcare. because it's out of control. obama care does not lower the cost of health insurance. it simply does not. it actually raises it. and what this does, obama care when it comes to the full force january 1st, 2014, when it hits fully it, will raise
5:26 am
the cost of doing business for countless businesses and industries across the country. to to answer your question, in my opinion we cannot afford it. >> who are already facing massive regulations on top of now this added. >> and taxes. >> pennsylvania community cleaning says they will save about $6 million with this move, if you move your employees down. >> what this particular college is doing is shortening the hours of a lot of employees. that saves them money and they're already squeezed on costs. and it removes the legal responsibility of providing health care come january the 1st, 2014. >> saves you on two fronts. >> saves these people on two fronts. $6 million is their estimate of the savings. not good news anybody who wants to work more hours this is not good news. anybody who wants a full-time job and wants to keep the full-time job and not make it
5:27 am
part time. obama care is bad news across the board. >> people forget that these tax increases can be passed off by colleges and big businesses alike. this another case where this happens. stu varney thanks for beingy this morning. >> my flesh. >> 9:20 eastern time on the fox business network. >> stu, thanks so much. >> next up on the run down, big labor boycott at wal-mart on black friday. did the union protesters actually have the opposite effect on wal-mart? we have the details straight ahead? >> we see it year after year. people making a mad dash stopping at nothing to get the black friday bargains. are the shoppers normal or nuts? we'll have dr. keith ablow about that in this psychosis that takes over. [ male announcer ] you like who you are... and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction
5:28 am
get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you.
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5:31 am
>> well, are you all just making it home from black friday? it's causing chaos all acrossakt this. hundreds of people stampeding a victoria skeet in tulsa, oklahoma. >> ladies, 12. 5 for yoga pants is a good deal. but let's not get out of hand and stop wearing the yoga pants everywhere. it's not casual wear. it's to work out.
5:32 am
>> i don't mind. i think it's shapely. i don't mind seeing the yoga pants. >> move on to georgia. that's where a wal-mart. people pushed, shoved, they even bit one another trying to get their hands on sale items. >> that's understandable. cops arresting this woman at a wal-mart in florida. police say she tried to cut the long checkout lines when she was confronted she refused to get to the back of the line, started throwing her merchandise,cops down. wow, was the tackle necessary? she don't have merchandise. let's hope things aren't quite as chaotic today for mom and pop shops in america. >> that's right. today is small business saturday. let's go to wdas kerry, local toy and gift shop in kansas city, missouri. it got a little ugly in oberland park kansas not far from where you are little calmer on small business saturday? >> oh, that ugliness is over. you know we have a little outline i bet you haven't had
5:33 am
a outline join you live with the puppet tri here. one of the things you can find in some of these small businesses. not only you can come in and find unique gifts and toys but you can also get your hands on them and play with them. jim ward is with toy and science in kansas city with us. tell us how much does small business saturday mean to a business like yours? >> it has been so helpful and so thankful to american express. i would say for small business saturday, it doubled the volume of our business. >> you have had a couple of tough years in the economy so this christmas season really means something to you. >> it's really important to us. it's just become harder and harder to make a small business work. >> why are small businesses still such a huge part of americana. what services do you offer that you can't get in big box store. >> people love personal touch. if you tell us you have a 2-year-old boy that is very active or 4-year-old girl that's girlie, we can take you to the right gift. a lot of grandparents wouldn't know what to get or even
5:34 am
parents. and you know we can show you the latest item. and gift wrap it for you. and help you to your car if you like. >> that's great. thanks so much for joining us this morning. jim and for all the puppets and the fun this morning that we have been having all morning long. i'm kerry we're fox 4 news. back to you. >> we need to get an outline as a -- owl on a co-host on the show. >> is it stuffed or real? >> i don't care. >> what's the difference? >> i don't have any standards for owls whether it's stuffed or not. >> can ask the who, what, why when and how? >> thanks, carrie. >> why do emotions run so high on black friday? why? >> joining us is fox news contributor and psychiatrist dr. keith ablow who is here. he handles and figures out and cuts through the mess whether you are normal or nuts. doctor, nice to is he you this morning. >> hey, good to see you. so all of this hysteria. we see the stampedes, 12.95. >> yoga pants at victoria
5:35 am
secrets causes people to go crazy and run out there. normal or nuts? >> unfortunately, it's normal. because the combination of rarity and opportunity unleashes something in human beings that result in this stampede mentality. after all a pair of yoga pants if it were the fact that you were just at the street corner would you like to buy this at half price you couldn't get a line to were fovment the fact that we put out the word, it's rare, in short supply the opportunity is you make a little money and spend less. that touches something in the human party. >> you also must touch something in the human brain, dr. ablow. people get out of their beds at midnight and they are willing to go and stand in cold lines for hours at a time. they even resort to violence. i mean. is this an addiction? >> well, what it is it is a perfect storm because we consumers, we american
5:36 am
consumers consumers around the world the reason the economy works is people really want these things. it's become perhaps too much a substitute for real identity if you will. people really need these things of the. and when you then combine that with the fact that these are in shorter supply. not everybody can have them. and that you are going to get money emotional and intellectually perfect storm it unleashes these ties. people standing in line for the iphone. that wasn't even about the fact it was less money. simply not everyone can have one. competition is so deep in the american and worldwide soul that it unleashes at this moment. on a black friday. the name doesn't help either. >> do the stores in this case have any responsibility to try to calm this situation down and do something differently? i know a lot are trying to spread out the deals. what can be done i think you could spread this out more
5:37 am
than one shopping day. stage this so that only a certain number of people are allowed in the store at a certain time. you could time it the way that you used to time, you know, school, you know, classes if you had more than one session in your school. so the bottom line is yes, they could. but, you know, i think there is also something about this that can't be well controlled and that's simply. this that if if a particular thing is captured, the american imagination, this day, that we're all going to be become super consumers. it's tough to stem really the momentum of that kind of belief system. >> you could actually have workers walking down the line before they open and say what are you planning on buying and give they have vouchers so they know they have those items and not tackle. >> some people were selling those vouchers were profit on fry day. >> scalping the vouchers. >> can't win. amazing thing. of course there is competition between retailers. so have you competition upon competition and it's an exponential kind of mushroom
5:38 am
clowted. >> that's where i take it. >> too much yoga pants. >> you can never have too many go go pants. >> thank you dr. ablow on that. here are the headlines. despite their best efforts black friday protesters did not seem to hurt wal-mart's sales. [chanting] around a thousand protests were expected around the country. according to a statement released by wal-mart only 26 protests actually took place and most of the participants were not even wal-mart employees. wal-mart says this was the retailer's best black friday ever. wal-mart estimates it sold more than 1.8 million towels. 1.3 million televisions. 1.3 million dolls. and 250,000 bicycles. okay. meanwhile, long island hurricane sandy victims went weeks without power and some of whom are still in the dark
5:39 am
this morning are being slapped with normal electricity bills. long island power authority sent out bills charging customers the regular estimated rate, with no mention of refunds for storm blackouts. angry residents say they have tried to get ahold at someone at line pa but no one ever picks up the phone. >> maybe their phone service is out. >> most people go to the mall to shop. but at one canadian mall. this man chose to jump into a swimming pool instead. something we would not recommend by the way. that is probably not the smartest move in the world. a man decided to jump off the second story at mall in alberta. the shopper reportedly got away without being caught. that's a problem waiting to happen balcony dangling over a swimming pool. >> i don't agree showing that. you will get other kids doing that. >> copycat? >> we are trying to tell you not to do it. >> all right.
5:40 am
point well taken. rip it up. >> pretend you didn't see that. >> rick reichmuth here with a check of our weather on this travel weekend. how is it, rick? >> we have a crowd out here who is watching that video. when you saw that, what did you say? >> oh my goodness. >> they are from georgia. >> you are from georgia? >> yes. >> they are one big family visiting from georgia. everybody in kite, georgia, hello. >> don't get carried away. take a look at weather maps right now. cold across the northern plains, coldest air so far this season. warming up to zero right now at international falls. minus five very cold. down to the south still cold. colder aragon all the way down across parts of texas. move that map forward there. you can see 38 degrees this morning. dallas. only 50 in new orleans. 37 in orlando, georgia. take a look at your forecast for the day today. really no big problems as far as any precipitation. that snow you see there is going to be some of that
5:41 am
lake-effect know bands. it will be just a few spots. in general the coast is going to be very sunny and cool. down to the south also cool. this cold front went all the way through florida. we are only going to be getting to dry 72 in orlando today. and we will see tons of sunshine. into the northern plains we will see a little bit of snow flying across parts of northern minnesota into wisconsin. u.p. of michigan again. out across the west we still have more rain and more mountain snow in across the northern rockies. this big travel weekend people heading home. airports are going to be fine. great, great news for travel really all thanksgiving weekend we can be thankful for that all right, guys, back to you. >> they want some snow out there in colorado. not sun. >> it will happen. >> i will tell what you. >> i predict. next on the run down, chaos again in cairo. [cheers] should the u.s. take a harder line with egypt's new
5:42 am
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visit or call 1-800-medicare. >> thousands of protesters. morsey giving himself wide powers after helping to broke ear middle east cease-fire. people say morsey is acting like dictator. earlier this week obama administration was praising morsey for his help. >> let me note our particular gratitude to president morsey of egypt for his commitment to regional security as well as to u.n. secretary general bon can i moon for his diligent efforts and of course president obama and secretary clinton have worked tirelessly to bring the parties to agreement. >> how should the u.s. handle morsey now. lt. ravel peters joins us.
5:46 am
nice to sigh. morsey has said i want to be president of all egypt. every egyptian. he said i simply did this power grab or didn't put in those words, i simply did these decrees because there are all members of the mubarak regime the guys you threw out that are still lurking that i'm trying to protect you from. do you buy that. >> i think what president morse is i was really say something hey, democracy is great. -- each mubarak felt obliged to pay deference to the judiciary. you have to go to saddam hussein to find somebody who has seized so much power. basically morsi says nothing matters except what i say matters. it's a terrible embarrassment to the obama administration after all the gush this week. it's curious because we did doo this to ourselves all the
5:47 am
time. morsi was engaging hate speech to israel all during the gaza campaign. able to broker a cease-fire because hamas was hurting really, really badly. and suddenly our president and his -- elevated this guy to the status of global statesman and morsi turns around beings back hands him and says well that's enough democracy. >> he saw his name in the top of the headlines in newspapers around the world for the guy who managed to broker this peace agreement between israel and hamas and here he goes a power grab. now, that's all in the past. so now how do we handle egypt and president morsi going forward? after all, we give them billions of dollars every year in financial aid to be a linchpin of peace in that region. what do we do? >> it's tough. after you have engaged in this orgy of gushing how great a guy morsi is. we weren't in a position to
5:48 am
keep mubarak in power. we are not in a position to remove mercy is i. we do have leverage because of our direct aid. because of our voice in the international monetary fund, which is -- whose aid is very important to egypt's development. and morsi's fundamental problem is a very weak, anemic, recessive egyptian economy. so hit him where it hurts if necessary. right now it is necessary. certainly for the moment. until he acknowledges that the courts have their power. until he accepts coptic christians have to have a voice in writing the new constitution which is what this is all about, the newer party, the muslim brotherhood want sharia brotherhood behind the constitution. fine, can you do what you want, but we are not going to fund you while you are doing it a problem here is simply that the democracy as we know in our own system is messy. isit requires patience it
5:49 am
requires begrudging compromise. the only tradition is the tradition of the strong man. when things become very frustrating as is you seen in iraq with neuroly al maliki. as is you see with morsi in egypt. become dictatorial. >> there he is colonel ralph peters. great insight. do you have bad knees? if so you may want to stay away from soda. why it could be making them worse. and want to be a master chef? how about a world class golfer? no problem. our next guest says he can teach you to be a master at anything in just six months. there he is he will be joining us in just moments. 4g lte is the fastest. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose,
5:50 am
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5:53 am
>> welcome back, from sear ago perfect steak to speaking a different language. what if you could become world class at any skill you wish to become in a short period of time. >> author and human guinea pig recipe for success. cooked it up and served it in his new book "the 4-hour chef" thank for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> big book. >> all sorts of pursuits not just cooking why did you focus on cooking. >> i focused on cooking. my readers have been accelerated reader. cooking is one of the skills that had beaten me over and over. quit inconvenient. took too much time. what better way the world's fastest learners to tackle this thing that had beaten me. >> there is something about your personality that says look i stink at this thing and i want to fix it whether it's learning a language. you couldn't speak any languages you decided to learn 20 different languages.
5:54 am
tango dancer. you became a world breaking tango dancer and couldn't put on dance shoes before. how do you do that. >> first step i take is look at people who are good at something that shouldn't be. you find 250-pound guy who runs ultra marathons or find the 35-year-old who becomes a world class swim coach who couldn't swim beforehand. then you look at what they are doing that other people are not doing. can you apply that to learning a language in 8 to 12 weeks. look at michelle thomas, michel who is intelligence officer in europe. you can apply it to chess. it applies to almost anything. >> language is a big one. people get those programs that they learn spanish or french. how should you learn to speak a language in a short period of time? >> i want to learn spanish. >> the first thing you have to do is choose the 20% of material or even less. for language it's like 2% that will give you 80% or more of the results. for instance you only have to learn about 1200 words to be function nally fluent in a
5:55 am
given language. it's finding those words first and foremost and there is a great company called vis-ed that offers those type of flash cards. >> that applies to everything. 20% that matters most of whatever it is you want to learn. >> you say deacon destruction what does that mean? >> deacon destruction is breaking a big skill like say learning spanish say or tango down into smaller pieces. swimming how do the arms move? how do the legs move and then removing the failure points. i couldn't swim for 30 years i grew up on long island. it's embarrassing. i had to take out a method that took out the kicking that always exhausted me total immersion you swim without kicking. >> i swim with a tiny flick of each foot and i don't get tired. >> that's what the pros do. all swim something mostly in your arms. selection. what can i eliminate. get rid of the things like the language that you don't need, just focus on what you need. >> exactly. that applies to cooking where you would choose the methods that you can mess up the most but still get amazing results
5:56 am
like braising, for instance. the first recipe in the book is easier to make for four people than scrambled eggs for one person. you have to choose the right method. >> easier to make than say. >> exactly. >> we could talk to you about this for an hour because we all want to learn something really fast that we are bad at. we have to stay our incompetentselves. the metta learning three is sequencing. step four is stakes. the four hour chef you can learn the michelin two star bathroom sink meal. a man of many talents thank you for being here. >> any questions fire them at t ferris on twitter. thanks for being with here morning. >> thank you. >> should a christian-owned company be forced to provide birth control to its employees. obama care's biggest business lawsuit yet. >> big show on tap. michelle malcolm is here and
5:57 am
dana perino when "fox & friends" hours number four. more coffee needed, too. ♪ got to be you ♪ only you ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning again, everyone, it's saturday. november 24th, i'm alisyn camerota. chaos in cairo a year after the arab spring topples a dictator and new ways of violence. and we'll have team fox coverage of the unrest happening in the middle east straight ahead for you. >> and bargains, brawl and gunfire, and black friday turns violent across the country. where is the holiday spirit? >> we're mourning the death of tv legend larry hagman as tv remembers the dallas star
6:01 am
known as jr ewing. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. ♪ >> remember, everybody. >> dave: i think our brains are spinning. >> clayton: so many people on twitter, they're exced about tim, and improve upon or learn quickly like a language, what would be the the top of your list. >> alisyn: a better cook and as i said to you i'd like to be technologically savvy and i don't know how in four hours. >> clayton: and do you happen to know a technology expert? >> no. >> dave: i don't know anybody. he's highly motivated and highly intelligent and how does it work for me, and check out the mehta learning process and how to learn anything in a
6:02 am
short period of time. >> alisyn: and these are your headlines, a gas explosion ripped through downtown massachusetts and police officer and responding to calls after gas leak, amazingly, no one was killed. witnesses say it felt like a bomb had gone off. >> you heard the boom and startled for a minute and then you hear screaming and everybody within the buildings are screaming and you know, you're trying to figure out what, you know, what just happened, that would make a building shake like that. >> alisyn: investors wiigators be back on the scene to discover the cause of the explosion and find out if any more buildings need to be torn down. and police arresting okay black friday, a wal-mart, tried to bypass long checkout lines and confronted and refused to get back into the back of the line and throwing her merchandise. and this cell phone video
6:03 am
shows at a wal-mart in georgia and bedlam as people pushed and shoved each other, trying to get, i think, smart phones or at least the sale item. >> (bleep), all right, you hear that screaming? that was a hume sham peed at victoria's secret in tulsa, oklahoma, hundreds of people rushing in as soon as the gates were lifted and reportedly no one was injured, but dave briggs has the secret to what they were all clamoring for. >> dave: 12.95 for yoga pants. ladies, yoga pants are for those who do yoga, and maybe pilates, not an excuse to leave the house without getting dressed. that's my public service announcement to you, you're welcome. >> clayton: equivalent to sweat pants. >> alisyn: and dave has been on a soap box. sad news out of hollywood, out of texas it morning, the death
6:04 am
of dallas star larry hagman. >> jr. >> now, wait a minute. >> this is your style, jr, my wife and the man that put cliff barnes in office. >> your wife got in plenty of trouble before you got married, i don't understand why you think she'd change. >> wait-- >> hagman best known for his role jr ewing on dallas and lost his battle. his co-star on the show had this to say. larry hagman was my best friend for 35 years, the pied piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew, i will miss him enormously the son of broadway star mary martin and the role of tony in "i dream of jeanie". those are your headlines. >> clayton: and that was a great theme song and in band and the song we played in
6:05 am
concert. i used to love that. >> dave: reminds me of the childhood, one time the family sat and watched dallas. >> clayton: friday night. >> dave: i believe it was friday night and reminds me of growing up, he was a legend. and violent protests erupting across egypt after morsi gives himself new sweeping powers and angry rioters stormed the offices of muslim brotherhood and demanding that morsi be thrown out of office, to continue our coverage of this this morning, the unrest in the middle east and connor powell live from jeruselem following a cease-fire and peter doocy is following the reaction in washington to the violent protests, we begin with connor, good morning to you. >> good mornings all-out war that seemed so likely in the holy land is seeming more unlikely. and life to returning to normal after the cease-fire is continuing to hold here in gaza. and one of the big steps taken
6:06 am
is that the israeli troop and mobilization of equipment on the gaza-israeli border now seems to be moving in the opposite direction, bulldozers, tanks, armored personnel carrierses that would have been used for a ground invasion, ner being moved away from the gaza-israeli borders and so, too, are the troops. and 40,000 israeli reservists are being released and sent back to normal civilian life. life is beginning to return to normal in israel and gaza and another step, school children in both southern israel and gaza went back to school and southern israel the school children head back yesterday and in gaza, the palestinian children, they went back to school today. so, life is becoming more and more normal here and there's a lot of fear and tension about the future, but for now, the cease-fire is holding, it was tested yesterday after a shooting along the border in which left one palestinian man
6:07 am
dead, and 19 others injured, but both sides took steps to tamper down the inflammatory language and beginning to work towards a more sustainable peace in the next few days and weeks. egypt will host from hamas to work on a concrete foundation for the cease-fire and the top priority what is meant by the easing of restrictions in the blockade, and both sides are working with the egyptian and american government to try to force some sort of concrete agreement going forward, guys. >> dave: that's connor powell live for us. >> clayton: thanks, connor, and let's go to peter doocy, violent protests sparked up in egypt in response to president mohammed morsi and his late power grab this week. >> good morning, the supreme court judicial council in egypt says that president
6:08 am
morsi's power grab is unprecedented attack on judicial-- and calling on him t reverse it and the move to make decisions above the law and free he from judicial review until the parliament is ele surprising. and the president called president morsi to thank him for effort and reaffirm the close partnership between the united states and egypt. last night the state department issued a statement expressing reservations about what he's doing and made clear in their view the actions he's taking conflict with the idea that fueled the arab spring a year ago. the state department says one of the aspirations of the revolution was to ensure that power would not be overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution, and the current constitutional vacuum in egypt can only be resolved by a constitution that includes checks and balances and respects
6:09 am
fundamental freedoms and rule of law consistent with egypt's international commitments. and el baradei is more blunt and twitter, morsi usurped all parents and' pointed himself egypt's new garo, a major blow that could have dire consequences. only a little more than five months since morsi became egypt's first democratically elected president and hands out leaflets saying that the protests are legitimate. back to you. >> clayton: peter doocy, let's waste no time michelle malcolm from colorado a fox news contributor. perspective on this, michelle. president morsi saying i want to be president of all egyptians and really the only reason i did any of these sort of decrease was to keep out the former mubarak regime.
6:10 am
do you buy that, number one, and how do you think the obama administration should handle him now? >> yeah, well, i certainly don't buy it and my opinion matters a lot less than the people in egypt who are now saying, we told you so. and this was long telegraphed that these kind of power grabs are exactly what you could expect from the front man for the muslim brotherhood. and the obama administration is making all of the expected obligatory gestures of finger wagging at morsi, but they backed this administration and their followers, basically admonished anyone who raised concerns about morsi's proclivities of being a quote, unquote, islamof ochlislamofobe. >> and they can hardly be
6:11 am
accused of islam-phobia warning about the encroachment of power. and the biggest canary in the coal mine has been the press because its dissidents on tv, satellite channels and in social media who have been talking about the crackdown on criticism of any kind. i mean, even the most moderate of criticism of the morsi administration. it's a sad situation, but perfectly expected. >> on the flip side was the praise that the obama administration heaped on egypt and they're handling their government, in particular, susan rice just the other day talked glowingly about morsi and what he did there and brokering this peace agreement. charles krauthammer suggesting what happened is heaped-- >> what a lot of people see are the pats on the back not just by the obama administration, but by morsi
6:12 am
himself, patting himself on the back and basically flipping the bird to people who believed in democracy and freedom in egypt. as for susan rice, one might give her the benefit of the doubt and call it naivete, but for the longest time she and her ilk in government service and state department have been jihad coddlers. >> do you think it's time to withdraw or delay the massive amounts of money that we give to egypt? >> well, yeah, i've always questioned the billions of dollars that we've spent there and certainly, it isn't yielding the rainbows and uncorner results that we were promised. >> do we have a reid war in the making. colorado and washington state
6:13 am
voted on legalizing, and michelle malcolm. we'll ask her about that. >> a trap set for another animal, but it called a bald eagle instead. who finally came to the rescue of the symbol of our nation. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
6:14 am
[ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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[ man ] whoo-hoo! [ male announcer ] with reddi wip... that's so weird... [ whoosh! ] [ male announcer ] ...a slice of pie never sounded better. oh, yeah! [ male announcer ] that's because it's always made with real cream, never hydrogenated oil like some other whipped toppings. the sound of reddi wip... [ whoosh ] the sound of joy. >> washington state and michelle's home state of colorado, well, they are the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use and the colorado governor famously said, pot is still illegal at the federal level. and should eric holder and the justice department step in. we're back with michelle
6:17 am
malcolm. how excited are you about the legalization of pot in your state? >> there's already a medical marijuana shop on every corner. i've long had libertarian tendencies on a lot of issues, and seeing the overzealousness enforcement of drug laws in the country, more harm than good. all that said i'm concerned about the slippery slope, as we all should be, but i think from a political point of view, it is a little bit amusing to see the feds now in this position, this quandary that the doj is in of having to negotiate with the states, you know, fairly liberal states on how to enforce or rather, not enforce these laws and trump the will of the people. the thing is the states voted for this, this is what they've determined and a lot of the backing here came from, believe it or not, police chief and law enforcement.
6:18 am
>> and do you see the double standard here, guys. it's interesting within oun hand the department of justice saying we're the not going to pay attention to what you did down there in arizona in relation to the immigration law, you forced it, but you did it, we're not going to enforce it, and now we may have to step in and enforce something? >> yes, that's exactly the depolitical point and ideological point because you've got the collective federalism on the part of many people and it does show up as hipocracy, certainly of a lot of the leftists who champion their ballot measures, whether it's gay marriage or legalization of marijuana or even much, you know, harder drugs, which is another huge concern. but then want the feds to get involved if it has to do with things that they disagree with, tea party causes, limited government. taxes, collective bargaining, voter i.d., election fraud, and of course, immigration
6:19 am
issues. >> i'll be in colorado over the holidays and can't wait to see the impact of this new law, michelle, thank you for being with us this morning. >> take care. >> have a good weekend. >> alisyn: and i'd love to hear from our viewers, you can find us all on twitter, it's a tough one, i mean, and-- >> we debate it had earlier. people were overwhelmingly in favor of the government staying out of colorado even though they disagree with the legalization of marijuana stay out and let the will of the people speak here. >> clayton: a couple of states have done that. and yeah, get your twits into us at ff weekend. do you have bad knees. if so, you may want to stay away from soda. why it could be making your joints feel worse. >> alisyn: and a company forced to provide birth control to its employees and obamacare big egest lawsuit yet. ♪ this ain't no rodeo
6:20 am
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>> welcome back, everybody, quick headlines now, the powerball jackpot soared to its 4th highest mark ever. 325 million dollars, the big drawing is tonight. by the way, the odds of winning, 1 in 175,223,510, won't stop me. and do you have bad knees? better layoff the soda, the more soda men drink, the higher the risk of getting arthritis in their knees. researchers say it's weight
6:24 am
gain and soda chemicals that weaken the knees. and so i rock the coffee, ali. >> alisyn: as we've been reporting shall, the christian owned and operated craft store is battling obamacare, the owner of hobby lobby says it forced to provide contraception to employees and he a claim he violates its religious beliefs. they repeal their case, but can they win? the national operations at the american center for law and justice joins us live from tennessee, hi, jordan? >> hi, how are you. >> alisyn: doing well. in round one the judge basically said he was sympathetic to hobby lobby's concerns about having to cause some form-- having to provide some forms of birth control and even the morning after pill to their employees, they're morally opposed to that, but he basically said that hobby lobby is not a religious institution, not a catholic
6:25 am
hospital, not a catholic university, not a catholic church, they have to do it, does hobby lobby stand a chance? >> i think they do. here is why, in the 10th circuit where it's located in colorado, actually, the same circuit court system as oklahoma, a judge has done the the operate sit with a privately owned business, a regularly owned company not religious organization or nonprofit company. what's tough for some of the judges, it's new. the federal government has never done this type of attack on the freedom of religious and restoration act by president clinton, and makes a high bar and strict scrutiny and set a law as of now, press of citizen awe nighted and said that the private corporations and companies have first amendment rights with free speech. so you would any, well, the other rights, like freedom of religion, why wouldn't that apply as well. three out of four judges of 40
6:26 am
cases that are active say this is unconstitutional and one judge denied a preliminary injunction and another who tossed out the case are moving now toward the circuit court and this is a major discussion point, as you said, alisyn with the specific companies, and we haven't gotten to the nonexempted organization cases yet because they don't have to comply until this coming august and these had started complying months ago. >> can you break it down for sort of dummies for the people who don't have legal degrees and break it down for us, is this about whether or not universal health care and this federal law trumped first amendment rights or whatever first amendment rights trumped the federal government's obamacare? >> and what it's about, it's about does, did the three exercise religions as the constitutional rights of individuals, private businesses, owners of these companies, the ceo's, the people who write the mission
6:27 am
statement and founded the company, the majority shareholders, do those rights are they more important than what the federal government wants to give for free to your employees? >> and there's some discussion, is it the employees who have the rights and is it the owners? there's never been a found in the constitution as broad as the courts interpreted, cueses a constitutional right to work at hobby lobby. so all the 13,000 employees, which by the way, hobby lobby if they don't win this, would be fined $100 per employee a day. so 1.3 million dollars a day for not providing the morning after pill for free and not providing the week after pill for free. you don't have a right to work there and employees are not complaining and that's where you see the tensions the first amendments, rights we have as religious people, as americans, have been the most important rights and the freedom of religion is the first right there. if the court is going to apply free speech rights and a more controversial world of politics where corporations can spend money as speech and
6:28 am
run advertising by citizen's awe nighted. >> right. >> why on earth would you deny the free exercise rights. >> they're complicated and we'll see what happens. thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us. >> thanks, alisyn. >> getting a lot of money to legally change his last name. one man is being used as a living, breathing walking advertise. ment. today is a shopping day, in new york and new jersey wiped out by superstorm sandy, ana kooiman looks at how they're trying to rebivivrevive. >> ♪
6:29 am
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♪ >> the light show going on with a hit song, put together by a texas man known for syncing up music and 40,000 hits on youtube. >> and if you do your version of gangnam style. >> clayton: you want me to do that, i only do that for myself in front of the
6:33 am
bathroom mirror. >> dave: worth a shot. >> alisyn: even though black friday is over, don't put away your wallet yet. today is small business saturday and some businesses are especially in need of that sales boost because they've been devastated by super storm sandy. >> dave: aa kooiman has the story, and american express put this on. small business saturday. >> reporter: growing every year and today is small business saturday and carries more significance this year than years past because the northeast is economically reeling from sandy. the u.s. small business administration is making loans up to 2 million dollars available to companies trying to get their heads above water. to staten island, to long island, local businesses are promoting huge sales for consumers, urging them to give back to their local communities and help provide neighborhoods devastated by the storm. the economic impact of sandy has been estimated by moody's analytics in the 50 billion
6:34 am
dollars range with about 12 billion dollars in new york city alone. 20 billion is from the lost economic activity. talking airlines canceling flights and restaurants not being able to serve meals and casinos not being able to take bets and shop owners say they were devastated. we were closed for ten days, which is a major, you know, freakout when the rents here are not low. >> well, last year, small business saturday, an estimated 100 million people participated in the growing annual event in communities like babylon, long island and the event a festival of moving them off the sidewalks to participate and the ravaged officials have faced the economy will get moving once again. >> even in the cold and the darkness that endured for days, the resilience of the people in great community and of our state was a beacon of hope for recovery. >> and the hit, many shop
6:35 am
owners have taken in sales following superstorm sandy and donating profits from today from small business saturday to relief efforts. this is just amaze, you know, when you don't have a lot and you're willing to give back, it's great. >> dave: i saw a few on staten island and we were thereafter sandy, devastated and lost their entire restaurant. >> going to small business saturday. >> we're going out to long island and talking to several of them. get out there. especially if you live in the northeast. >> dave: appreciate it. a trajic ending to the life of hector matcho commachoo, the former champion went into cardiac arrest and taken off life support. legally brain dead and shot in the face after sitting in a car in his hometown, he was 50 years old. >> meanwhile, body armor
6:36 am
plates used by special ops forces because they may not protect defense a direct hit and the commitment underwent analysis and defect is found in 5% of the plate. no troops have been hurt to date. and the company that makes them says it has a solution to fix this problem. for two officers in new hampshire, the past thanksgiving was anything, but ordinary, responded to a call for distress and found this guy, a bald eagle, caught in an animal trap and they worked for half an hour to free the bird, not hurt except for a small cut on the talon. as soon as it was free it flew off and ended up in a nearby pine tree and police say the trap was not intentionally set to catch the eagle and it was not illegal. a new name for himself as the human billboard. jason sadler gets companies to pay him to wear t-shirts with their logos on it.
6:37 am
and the latest money marker, selling his last name to the highest bidder. and he will change his last name to whatever they want. and jason explained how it will help the company. >> the big thing on this, i'm pretty well-known in social media and verified account on twitter which is pretty cool, a bunch of friends on facebook and my website gets a pretty good amount of daily visitors so ado a lot of weird marketing stuff and online exposure in the so much in person stuff not going to reach a lot of people that way, but seen online. >> well, right now, j lab audio has the highest bid, and bidding ends, december 12th at midnight and he'll legally change his name on january 1st, any suggestion force a last name. i threw it out on twitter, i think taco bell always does the sort of weird marketing things. i'd love to see jason taco bell. >> alisyn: a nice ring to it.
6:38 am
>> dave: maybe a product, like jason cheesy gordita. >> alisyn: that's what i want to be called alisyn cheesy gordita. >> or doritos, locos. >> one of my female viewers wrote in, jason summers eve, what do you think before that one. rick? >> i don't, sorry. and hey, have you heard of joe dirt. >> clayton: yes. >> rick: what about this, joe dirt? >> hi. >> hi, does that mean anything. >> no. >> never heard of him. they said he looks like joe dirt. >> the hat. >> a little bit. >> okay. and they all get it and agree. all right, take a look at your weather maps guys, we've got a cool morning, especially to the far northern plains and temps 13 degrees now in minneapolis and certainly cold out there. cool air is stretched across the south and dallas, 39, and
6:39 am
new orleans 51, certainly chilly. the temps across the ohio valley and mississippi river valley have really dropped, you're around 22 degrees colder than you were 24 hours ago in dallas and certain the colder air moving in and it's going to last for a couple of days and warm back up into an aggressive pattern here, and see the snow across the northeast by tuesday and in the meantime, take a look at the forecast for the day today. plenty of sunshine along the coast, but it's going to be chilly, certainly chillier than yesterday and see snow across the interior sections around the great lakes. down towards the southeast, that's where we'll have a ton of sunshine and the front moving through central florida and cooling things down. 57 today in tulsa, the northern plains, more snow and one spot just to the east of traverse city, michigan, saw 15 inches of snow setting up one of the lake effesnow bands d pacific northwest with more rain and snow across some of the higher elevations towards
6:40 am
the rockies. >> back to you inside. >> thanks, joe dirt. we appreciate it. >> all right, coming up on the show, the countdown to that fiscal cliff is on. so, should republicans agree to raise taxes on the wealthy just to get a deal done? >> we report, you decide. >> and then thousands take to the streets in egypt, protesting their president's power grab. and just face after president obama's administration praised him. are the policies to blame in the east. we'll talk about that coming up. >> first, check with david asman before i look at what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning, from turkey to trouble. unions out in force, major strikes across america this busy holiday weekend. are their protests justified for another strike against the economy and giving thanks for handouts? one government agency promoting welfare give aways to new immigrants. can america afford this? federal workers have a message for congress when it returns
6:41 am
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>> well, no escaping it, in just over a month the nation faces a so-called fiscal cliff. that's those 500 billion dollars in tax hikes and spending cuts set to take effect in january unless congress can reach a deal and get something done. the big question remains, should republicans agree to raise taxes on the wealthy to done? let's ask steven moore, editorial board, good morning to you, steven. >> hi, good morning. >> john boehner is clear, he does not want to raise rates, he wants to give in if at all on deductions and write-offs saying they can essentially write off the same amount for the treasury, what should republicans do here? >> it's an interesting dilemma the republicans find themselves in, dave. most of them, as you know,
6:45 am
have taken this no tax pledge, which is the pledge to voters that they won't raise taxes on anybody, and so, now president obama is saying we're going to raise the taxes on the rich and he won't sign any bill that doesn't have a tax increase on the rich, so, the two parties are still at logger heads. i personally think given the still fragility of this economic recovery, the economy still isn't sputtering on one cylinder now, and high unemployment. it doesn't make sense to me to raise taxes on businesses or investors. that's where we stand right now. i don't see an agreement anytime really soon because the two sides are still so far apart. >> i'm a betting man, steven, would you imagine that the house republicans would give on raising rates for the wealthy? they certainly have to acknowledge that the tax-- the bush tax cuts for those making less than 250 have to be extended, that has to happen. >> that's right, that's right. >> dave: what about the top 2%? what about happen in your best guest?
6:46 am
>> what john boehner said, and i interviewed mitch mcconnell the house minority leader in the senate on this and basically their position right now is we will agree he to raise some revenues, we'll do some closing of the loopholes in the tax system, but we're not going to agree to raising tax rates because we think it hurts the economy, it hurts business and it increases unemployment at a time when the economy is still sort of flat on its back, that's why these two sides are still pretty far apart because as you know, last week the president said i will not sign any bill that extends these tax rate reductions for another year for the rich. right now they're gridlocked, that's all there is to it. this is a classic stalemate between the two parties, i think they will probably reach an agreement, but i wouldn't be surprised if that didn't happen until the day before christmas. >> dave: i'm guessing one year extension. and let's hold on to the fact that the democrats say no, we need to raise rights not
6:47 am
eliminate deductions and write-offs. why stick to that essentially the same type of money. why would they stay there, because of economics or politics? >> it's politics. you asked the right question. if it's going to raise the same amount of money, what difference does it make. two things, the democrats want to be punitive to the rich because they feel the income gap and second, this is kind of a cynical thing to say, but i believe it's a motivation here, a lot of democrats want to kind of erase anything that george w. bush did. so, they want to kind of erase this from the whole playing field. it's kind of a-- it's an act of symbolism and more than economics and i think they're playing with danger here, investment is low right now. you know the statistics and i said it before on your show. two out of every three people are going to pay the higher tax rates if we raise the rates, dave. those are small business men and women, the people who employ american workers.
6:48 am
>> dave: anything that hurts in this economy-- . thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> dave: violent protests in egypt and fierce fighting between israel and hamas. and dana perino is here to weigh in next. ♪ with verizon. hurry in this saturday and sunday for great deals. likehe lucid by lg, free. or the galaxy nexus by samsung, free.
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this weekend, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon.
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>> welcome back to "fox &
6:52 am
friends" on this saturday morning. the obama administration has been under the microscope for its response to the attack in benghazi and four americans killed in that attack and under scrutiny, israel and hamas has come to a cease-fire agreement and whether the policies are to blame in the first place. >> alisyn: dana, thank you for being here. >> happy to be here. happy thanksgiving weekend. >> let's talk about what morsi had done, a naked power grab where i'm in power here and nothing the judiciary says or does could overrule any of thigh decisions. some people suggested he was emboldened perhaps by supportive words from washington or is there nothing that washington is doing that could affect what's going on in the middle east? >> well, i think three parts. one, you cannot blame middle east peace problems on any one president because those problems-- >> an awful long time. >> and it's happening.
6:53 am
and morsi, the new egyptian, he, i think, felt early on that power was seductive. what he did yesterday was in completely flies in the face of what the people of egypt had fought for in the arab spring which is they wanted to have more say in their government. it is difficult and you saw this in iraq, as it was trying to build after the war and you had maliki there. and when you're in your democracy and explaining it's not fun when the newspapers criticize them, let it go. talk to them. might be a different ato try to do things. when the arab spring happened, how much is america willing to do, with our allies in the west and n.a.t.o., to put forward to help them try to build a democracy. i do think we fell short on that or didn't advertise much of what they did and the
6:54 am
efforts fell apart. >> dave: and you can't blame the obama administration for tension between hamas and israel, but charles krauthammer did discussion that the praise that president obama heaped on president morsi may have led to what we saw, that power grab. initially hillary clinton was very complimentary of what morsi and his government did in the cease-fire and susan rice not piled on, but jumped on and complimentary of morsi and should they have been so quick to heap praise on a man we really know nothing about. >> well, perhaps morsi was planning to do something like this or wanted to do something like this all along and that was his target of opportunity, wow i've had my name in the spotlight and i've been seen as a person who helped solve this and i'm now the savior, i think it's hard to imagine that just those words from the past 28 hours or 48 hours, really made that big a difference, but the things are just happening at such a hair trigger over there, that maybe, maybe charles is right.
6:55 am
>> and charles is usually right, you know, i have a huge crush on him and far be it from me to say that charles krauthammer is wrong. >> clayton: speaking of a hair trigger, the fiscal cliff, and steven moore putting out questions, should they cave on the bush tax cut or allow the rates to go up or filling the loopholes to drive revenue. you know the back and forth workings of washington so well. what's going on behind the scenes right now? are the republicans going to cave on that issue? >> well, i know one thing for sure and i'm really glad that i'm not working in washington anymore, because once again, i think that this will go all the way up until maybe the day before christmas eve and finally figure something out. what's sad about this situation is that last february john boehner the speaker of the house at the time sent the letter to the president and said, this fiscal cliff is going to become a huge problem for the economy. beam are going to be nervous to invest, you see that in the
6:56 am
wall street journal this morning, investment dropping oflt let's try to get this done before the political season gets well underway. president obama says thank you very much, got an election to do and afterwards and now we're coming up against a deadline. higher taxes leads to less productive and hurts job. you know who else thought that, president obama. in the lame duck of december, 2010, those were his act words in the rose garden why we need today extend the bush tax cuts. >> alisyn: stick around for a minute because 2016 is right around the corner and is jeb bush really considering a run for president? we're going to-- >> what's so funny? >> and we'll ask in two minutes, stick around.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> imagine in 2016, it's clinton versus bush. will jeb bush run for the republican nomination. >> i think he could give it


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